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Title: Just A Little More

Author: Allie York

Release Date: 1/13/20

Series: 425 Madison Ave, #10

Genres: Contemporary Romance

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Piper and Derek are in for just a little more – after all,

425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

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BlueSeal’s Review

I was very excited to hear that 425 Madison was going to release “season two” because y’all know how much I loved 425 Madison.  Kicking off season two is Allie York who wrote book three, “Just Swipe Right,” in season one. (Let’s see how many times I can say “season” in this review. LOL).  Since it feels like summer where I live, let’s grab an iced cold beverage and chat about Allie York’s “Just a Little More”.

It all started six months ago at a tiny NYC dog park.  Derek, a stranger at the time, rushed in to help Piper when her sister’s dog was attacked.  He even showed up at the vet’s office to check on Dudley and Piper. It was there that they realized that Piper’s sister was dating Derek’s best friend/roommate.  It wasn’t even six degrees to Kevin Bacon…it was one. Their relationship is new been easy…not even a single fight. 

Piper is a paralegal at the third-largest firm in the city and going to school to be an attorney.  Derek manages a hot NYC restaurant. They just found out that birth-control has a failure rate and they are going to add a baby to their already busy lives.  Did I mention that they have only been together for six months?

That’s it!  I am giving you now more details about the book.  Allie does a great job of pulling at your heartstrings!  While I loved this book, I felt like the ending was a little rushed.  There were a couple of issues that needed to be wrapped up a little better. You know…just a little more detail. 

My rating for Allie York’s “Just a Little More” is a solid 4.5 out of 5 propellers! “Just a Little More” definitely got me even more excited to see what’s coming up in season two of 425 Madison!

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About the author 

Allie is a mom and dog groomer by day. At night she is posted at her laptop writing or reading in a cozy corner. She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed coffee, and anything cute and furry. 

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