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What could be more fun than a ROM COM  with a hostage?

Sheltered from the real world, Francis lives off Hollywood magazines, Lean Cuisines, and her secret obsession with romance novels. When her best friends set her up on an adventure of a lifetime, she’s more than willing to play along. A trip cross-country with a super hunky guy who smells like sin and excitement.

Being a con man has been a way of life for Luca. But his swindling ways eventually catch up to him. He’s been given a wicked task: kidnap a woman and deliver her to the villain.
Sounds easy. Until he meets her…

Captive: We’re getting out of Kansas, Toto!
Mr. Bing: Yap! Yap!
Con Man: Why are the crazy ones always hot?

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Fly Girl’s Review:

This one will make you laugh out loud, but is mostly unrealistic. If you are into Mafia romances but would like a little more comedy, this one is for you. I just wasn’t sure how the story was going to unfold from the blurb and the cover is hilarious. Those are all the reasons I picked this one up. So our Facebook fans will be glad to see this review. It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I had to fit in my que at the last minute.

I really hate to ruin the story for folks because in order for me to review this, I have to tell you how the blurb works with the full story, so if you don’t want a spoiler, you might want to quit reading now…

The whole premise from the blurb is that her friends set her up, as in she knows they’ve set her up. This is not the case, the kidnapping coincides with a discussion she’s had with her old lady friends about getting out and having an adventure. The unbelievable part is that the guy breaks her door down and manhandles her and she is willing to go with him because of the previous said discussion. I mean who does that?!? He just broke your door down…No way to do I go with him!!

So Francis lives a sheltered life because her Mom had been on the run. I’m amazed that in this day and age it’s believable that a woman would be so sheltered that she actually believed Lean Cuisine’s were eaten by celebrities and she has a VCR to play old Richard Simmons’s tapes. It’s crazy, yet humorous.

Luca on the other hand, how gullible can you be that you just happen to be doing well in Vegas as a con man and a flyer happens to get into your hand that describes a location so ripe for con-man opportunity you believe it. Who advertises to Con-Men?? Again, unbelievable. So he does this guys bidding and nabs Francis for the hellish ride of his life. The bombs and sharpshooters and scary-fiery car chases just didn’t do it for me.

But the romance is pure and Luca treats Francis well through all of it and the scary scenarios bring them close enough to realize there is passion and caring and love between them. After that, they wrap things up a little to quickly for me but the humor still resounds in the end. Be sure you read the epilogue because you will truly know what Bing was thinking the whole time and it’s hilarious. So my 3.5 is because it did make me laugh and the romance build did feel real. But the rest was a lot to take. If you want a good crazy laugh, I recommend this one, but don’t expect it to WOW you.

3.5 of 5 Propellers

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