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Congratulations to Kristin Giese on UNVERIFIED!!


Matthew Milles-Lade, a rich kid whose trust fund is suddenly in question, and Margo Valentine Melon, a writer whose career fizzled before it sparked, are two twenty-something strangers stuck living at home, trying to figure out their lives. When they each come across a real estate listing for a palatial (and significantly underpriced) guest house in one of LA’s toniest neighborhoods, their lives get turned upside down.

What happens next has them racing to catch the truth before it catches them.

Unverified has all the magic and making of the rom coms you love, set in the world of social media stardom and online fame, with just enough real world stakes to make it a page turner you won’t be able to put down.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

I finished this book about a week ago, but am still having trouble articulating the positive and negatives of it. I give it a 4 of 5, but only because the plot was excellent. There were several things to turn me off of Kristin’s writing though. I’ll discuss that later after I get to the best part.

The plot for this book was excellent and I think will resonate with a lot of young adults (Millenials and Gen-Z) right now, as many are still living the dream in their parents basement. That is sort of what this is about, finding your way out of the dark protective wings your parents provide, to figuring it out for good or bad on your own. Only half of this couple is working hard to get out of the basement though, while the other half is a tough love-failure to launch story. When they both discover a rare gem in LA, they can’t help themselves to build upon the misconception of the future landlord so they can get their first place.

This is where the social media angle comes in because next thing you know, the lie is so out of control they are creating a fake #grid_it site to display it for all the world to see. I’m assuming this is like an Instagram site. If you read Kristin’s bio, you’ll realize she probably has a great deal of experience with this and describes the process effortlessly. The story has them becoming the talk of the town, and how they manage their real life around that. I feel this story is like any dream of a Gen-Z person…I mean right now who doesn’t want to be social media famous??? I mean even here at Wickedcoolflight we want to be social media famous–Have you seen our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts lately?!? My apologies, I digress…

But this is also where the story gets hard for me to take. It is written in Gen-Z or Millennial speak of which I’m neither. (OK, I’ve really dated myself now, for anyone following.) This made it very hard for me to read and I even had to look up a few slang terms to make sure I was getting the details correct. There is one character in particular that speaks in Text language that is quite annoying and not the least bit of a good addition to the story line. That is the real reason this doesn’t get a 5 from me.

I would really love to see the pictures from the photo shoots she describes in the book because I feel like they are a little bit Target with Vogue mixed into them, but all in pink. She does a great job keeping the mystery up of how the couple are going to navigate their family and co workers while propelling this lie for their landlord. It is quite hilariously done. She does seem to rush the ending in my opinion and I think just as you are quick to rise in social media, you are quick to fall, may have been her thoughts on wrapping it up quickly towards the end of the book. I would love to see a sequel perhaps of the best friend, but with less Gen-Z and Millennial speak.

If you are into social media and can’t wait to see your SnapChat feed get streaks or whatever they call them then this is really up your alley. Pick it up for a light-hearted laugh and enjoy the shenanigans.

4 of 5 Propellers

Connect with Kristin Giese

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Kristin Giese is a talent manager, brand developer, and executive producer who began her career building the entirety of the Nate Berkus brand, amongst other talent as well as partnering with the likes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, Sony, Target, TLC, NBC, P&G, GMC, and so many more.

Born and raised in Ohio and a proud Shelby Whippet, Kristin’s love for estate jewelry is only outmatched by her commitment to vintage kimonos and her family. Unverified is her 1st novel.