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Who loves thrillers, young adult fiction, AND audiobooks?! WE SURE DO! Grab Little Boy Blue by T.C. Galinari now in audio!!!


Audible → https://amzn.to/32FqDPj

iTunes → https://apple.co/32BEPZw

“[A] beautifully written, entertaining story…” – Kate, Amazon review ★★★★★

“Can’t wait to see what T.C. Galinari comes up with next!” – Tanya, Amazon review ★★★★★

About the Book

Parents are always overreacting. “Stay away from strangers,” they say. “Don’t go near the woods,” they warn. And it’s all so pointless until there’s a tragic accident. And here, there was a tragic accident. One that haunts me to this day. It still leaves me with a broken heart, missing my brother. But this story? It’s not about me. It’s about him.