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Fly Girl says, “This series makes my heart ache for how beautifully wrought the scenes of the Angels discovering their true selves are. They are so beautifully written it’s as if I am in the room with them…”

These angels don’t have halos, and the demons aren’t after your soul.

Citlali works in the jungles of South America to save lives and help her people. She comes from the Aztec and Mayan people but has embraced science ignoring the stories of the past that her guardian has told her all her life. That is until she finds herself being used to inflicting revenge by one of those long-forgotten gods.
Arkyn woke up in Hell thousands of years ago, the third of Lucifer’s Princes of Hell. He searches the Earth for the Fallen, angels bent on the destruction of the world.
When these two cross paths, it threatens to destroy her reality and his soul.
Turns out Hell isn’t the worst place you can end up!

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, I.T. Lucas, and Dannika Dark will pray for more of this urban fantasy series.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

Disclaimer: The Demon Bayou series is meant to be read in order. So I’m doing this review quite late because I didn’t read Chosen Soul, and I had to catch up before giving a proper review.

Oh, how I love this world she has built where buildings appear and angles get their wings through true love. She gives them each their own uniqueness too and that fascinates me to wonder what element she will use next and how her minds-eye sees molten steel and other elements. She also gives us new beliefs and tales from other cultures to make the full story even more vibrant and varied. She never leaves you wanting more, in fact after each book I’ve wondered if the story can take any more. And then she surprises us with more…

Citlali’s upbringing is very close to an American Indian in this day and age. Where science, prophesy, culture and lore are all pulling at the person. A hard thing to balance so many strings being pulled in a life. Citlali eventually gives in to the side she fears the most to finally allow her to balance all of her stings. Having one core ideal helps balance all the others around it. She then gets to decide how she will wield her main strength while letting the other strings support her.

Arkyn, on the other hand, must learn to forgive…he is the empath of the group and takes on the guilt from all their failures. Rather than seeing he may not have helped everyone, but he did help some and it wasn’t meant for him to help everyone the other times. His time is now and he has to learn to accept that and let the past fall away. This couple is great because Citlatli has the ability through spirit and science to heal as well as kill and Arkyn needs both sides of her to help him fulfill his destiny. Although they are connected spiritually in this book, they need more on the physical plane to discover their strength lies together and not apart. I believe this will come in the next book. Just like she shows the development of Torryn and Lillian from Chosen Blood and Charlie and Dagen from Chosen Soul in this one. Those connections are built stronger as the group fights the chosen and battles for humanity.

S. Lawrence is building a political and religious statement with this series, but you may miss that in all the detail she writes of the dystonia world and these beautiful angels and demons in our midst. I love that if you’ve read her Guardian’s series and then this one, you really get a feel for this powerful writer and her stand in the Universe. I say Universe because her statements transcend our corporeal bodies and this small ball of land we call Earth. She lets you see how she fights for and believes our souls will survive after we are done here. I love that part of her writing.

I’m giving this one a 4.5 of 5 rating and don’t miss my review of Chosen Blood.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

To catch up on the series, get them now!!

Chosen Blood / Chosen Soul

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S. Lawrence was born in a tiny Missouri town which she left right after graduation. She has a BS in Aeronautics and a MS in Conflict Resolution. She served in the USAF where she met her husband. After living all over the US she now resides outside of New Orleans. She has been and is many things to include Scifi junkie, fangirl, and mom.She loves good food, 80’s hairbands, tattoos, and books.

She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance.

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