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Today we are celebrating the new contemporary, standalone title from Taylor Holloway. BAD FOR YOU is now live, and you will not want to miss this novel! Be sure to purchase your copy now and follow Taylor for exclusive updates about the book and the Lone Star Lovers series.

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Bad for You by Taylor Holloway

Lone Star Lovers, #9 | Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited

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Book Blurb

The boy next door.

Star of my teenage fantasies.

My tormentor.

After serving as an army doctor in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, Brandon has finally come home. And he’s brought his cocky, alpha attitude and rugged good looks with him. To my hospital. He’s still a loose cannon and I’m right in his sights.

But instead of begging for him to stop, this good girl is having to stop herself from begging for more.

I thought I put my obsession with this moody bad boy to bed.

It now appears that’s right where he wants me.

I’ve always made good choices.

But this time I’m worried I’ll pick the one that’s bad for me, even if Brandon feels oh so right.

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NICUnurse’s Review of Bad for You by Taylor Holloway

Taylor Holloway was a new-to-me author when I picked up Bad for You. I always go into books by new-to-me authors a little jaded. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. Bad for You was an absolute winner!

Brandon and Aimee shared a past. For her, it was a past full of bullying, degradation, and at times bordered on sexual assault all because she was a child prodigy in a school full of spoiled rich kids. And because she wasn’t in the same economic/social class as her schoolmates. Brandon, however, was the golden boy. And Aimee’s not-so-secret crush.

Fast forward 13 years and Brandon and Aimee are forced to work together in the same hospital. They still pretty much loathe each other, but like we know…there’s a thin line between hate and love. Which side will they end up on?

It’s always a good sign when a book has me hooked by the end of the prologue, and Bad for You had me hooked by about the 2nd paragraph. The writer’s voice really resonated with me. And at the end of the prologue, I just wanted to scoop Aimee up and give her a big hug and tell her one day those guys would eat their words! And as far as Brandon…I was kind of on the fence between giving him a good smack to the back of the head and cheering for him. At times I really did want to do a little of both.

NICUnurse’s Rating: I’ll admit. I could not put this book down. I’m a fixer by nature and this book was uber angsty to me because I wanted to jump in and fix everyone and everything. Thankfully, the author did it for me or there may have been a toddler-like temper tantrum! These two characters were just meant to be together but there were literally decades of hurt, as well as abandonment issues and hostility, to have to work through. If you love enemies to lovers romance books that are chocked full of angst, this book will be your next favorite! I give Bad for You by Taylor Holloway 4.75 out of 5 propellers!

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About the Author

Taylor Holloway is a bestselling romance author who writes sweet and sexy stories with just enough of an edge to offset all the feels. Her books are specifically Taylor-ed to make you blush, cry, laugh, and swoon. She’s an Austin native with a penchant for bad puns, strong margaritas, expensive shoes, and shiny things. When she’s not writing, she’s working a hilariously bland corporate job, spoiling her husband and cat, or going for long walks in the dark.


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