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Everyone adores ex-SEAL Maverick Hott, especially the ladies. That’s the way it’s always been. But he keeps things casual, so no one captures his heart. And no one gets hurt.

Most of all, him.

Then, there’s beautiful Carly Stone. His bestie since they were kids. The girl who breathed life back into him when tragedy struck. The same one who runs him ragged on the racquetball court and sees into his soul with those piercing hazel eyes.

Yeah, that best friend.

Returning home after a near fatal hostage rescue mission, the fearless and cocky CEO of ThunderStrike has a brand new set of priorities…starting with her. But he stumbles upon her secret, which has him questioning how well he really knows her.

When a powerful senator calls in a favor and Maverick refuses, the ruthless politico exacts his revenge. So Maverick turns to the person he trusts most.

Carly’s investigative skills are an asset. Her assets, a major distraction. And while posing as husband and wife, their chemistry is downright lethal.

Together, they’re unstoppable…until Carly gets caught in the crosshairs, and the most important mission of Maverick’s life is saving hers.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

Every time I think she’s out done herself, I’m eating my words. This one just blew me away. Her heros are so amazing and I just want one in my bed. In this one we get more of a taste of the paramilitary stuff she’s been alluding to in the other books with the super secret spy drones and stuff. Finally we are seeing why Maverick is the hottest of the group!!! It was worth the wait.

A friends to lovers romance, like no other, that keeps you guessing when they are finally going to admit it to one another they just can’t stand to be alone. Their sex is off the charts as well as the hot attraction. I’m just not sure how they stayed friends this long. It takes all the crew to get them together, but it’s just the two keeping it together and making something of it. It was interesting in all the other books both parties liked the sex clubs, but in this one, Maverick isn’t a big fan. Yeah, he’s been to them. Hell, his brother owns one, but he doesn’t get the joy from it the others do. Now Carly on the other hand is an exhibitionist and loves this type of environment. The way his brother devises the plan for them to be able to stay monogamous without being in a private room is great and Maverick’s personality makes it even more believable. I haven’t known any man that could walk into a situation like he does and only have eyes for one woman. Again, can I keep him?

Although both characters are emotional in the book, throughout the hard work, they are true professionals who never lose site of the end game. There isn’t any hard gushing tears and ooh woe is me crap, they realize it sucks, they accommodate, accept, and pick their heads up and press on. That is in true military style which also works for Maverick’s role. I couldn’t imagine him with a sniveling idiot. He is always challenging other people and he needed a girl to challenge him. Carly does that on more than one level; intellectually, sexually, and emotionally. He’s constantly having to figure her out and adapt his plan to her. She keeps him on his toes and she doesn’t even know it.

It was nice to also get a few updates of old characters I loved so much from the series. You don’t get a lot, but I’m sure there is room for at least one more book from this crazy group of college friends. Stoni also gives a shout out to the “22 a Day” military veteran suicides we have, in hopes to save lives. I hope like the rest the Wickedcoolflight Crew that this campaign will end these tragic deaths. She also sheds some light on the illness of PTSD and how it affects daily life and how we cope with it. She does an excellent job on these topics. I’m giving this 4.5 of 5 because although it is great, I’m not sure it will be in my Top 10 list this year. But I might surprise you and have it there. Stay tuned, I’m sure we will not be hearing the last of Ms. Stoni Alexander!!

4.5 of 5 Propellers

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