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Cosmopolitan by Kristen Hope Mazzola is here!



From bestselling author, Kristen Hope Mazzola comes a brand-new romantic comedy series!

Cheers to the best group of friends a woman could ask for.
Cheers to small apartments and even smaller…paychecks.
Cheers to a broken heart and healing it one Cosmopolitan at a time.
Cheers to Happy Hour!

Caroline Waters has always been sweet as cherry pie. The token sweetheart of her group of friends and a first-grade teacher, Caroline lives life by one simple rule: everything is better with a smile.

There’s only one problem, she’s putting on a brave front for her gal-pals. Unlucky in love, watching all three of her best friends basking in new thriving relationships, Caroline has given up on finding that special someone.

Isn’t it funny when Cupid’s arrow strikes when you least expect it? But will Caroline’s streak of dating bad luck keep her from seeing the man right in front of her face?

Cait Sidhe’s Review of Cosmopolitan

Each of the Happy Hour Series so far has seen the girlfriends, Annabelle, Harper, and Sawyer pair up with their perfect mates for their happily ever after. You can read my reviews of Manhattan (here) and Dirty Martini (here) to catch up on what’s happened so far. The downside to these fun, fast reads is that they are over way too quickly!

What I love about these women is that they tell it like it is, but encourage and uplift each other, as true friends should. They are the type of girlfriends that everyone wants to have. I immediately wanted to be meeting at their bar for happy hour with them. They are all very different but have found a common bond that has carried them through as friends for years.

I love the covers for this series as well. The chalkboard diagram of each of their favorite drinks looks exactly like something you’d see on the daily specials board of your local bar.

Cosmopolitan follows Caroline Waters, a local elementary teacher. When their principal has to take a medical retirement, some new blood comes in as his replacement. And boy, does he make Caroline’s blood boil! Blake Hartigan definitely gets off on the wrong foot with the teachers, showing up late with his expensive suits, flashy Rolex and his Texas drawl. His smugness makes her want to punch him right in his self-righteous expression.

While there’s no denying his handsomeness, I had a bit of trouble believing in the matchup of these two. Caroline spends most of her time calling him a jerk-face, an asshole, a prick…well, you get the point. He’s abrasive and domineering and the only facial expression he has is a smirk. Even though he tells us that he didn’t come from money and that he worked hard for what he has, it’s still hard to see the draw. Especially when Caroline makes remarks like “It was the first time that I saw Blake as a real human and not the annoying, overconfident douche.” I don’t know about ya’ll but that’s not someone I see falling for, no matter how chiseled he is without his shirt. I’ll admit, I didn’t care much for Waylon at first in Manhattan, but Blake just didn’t grow on me the same way. Even her friends comment with gems like this one: “Caroline, you are the sweetest person we all know. Maybe you need a douchebag to balance out your kindheartedness.” What? Why?!

Well, there’s always vodka. While I still adore the ladies of Happy Hour, some drinks just don’t go down smoothly. I know opposites attract and all that, but I would have liked to have seen Blake grow a bit more as a person or at least be less of a Jerk-Face. I give Cosmopolitan 3 out of 5 propellers.

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About the Author:

Bestselling author, Kristen Hope Mazzola, is a Florida native that has found herself loving a North Carolina life. She writes contemporary romance ranging from steamy romantic comedy, sexy erotica, angsty new adult, all the way to sports romance – with dirty bikers, hot military men, and swoon-worthy rockstars in between.