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Cheers to the best group of friends a woman could ask for.
Cheers to small apartments and even smaller…paychecks.
Cheers to a broken heart and healing it one dirty martini at a time.
Cheers to Happy Hour!

Sawyer Henderson was a Southern belle through and through with a bohemian side that made her father’s skin crawl. Becoming a wedding photographer was not in the plan for Sawyer’s life – but it was her passion.

Refusing to follow in the family’s footsteps, Sawyer became the black sheep – a title she relished. Her life was going exactly how she wanted it – with one tiny flaw. Sawyer found herself floundering in the sea of the awfulness that is dating in your thirties.

With a busy work schedule and lackluster romantic prospects, Sawyer feared she’d never find her Mr. Right. Until one debacle of a wedding turned her life upside down.


Cait Sidhe’s Review of Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is the third standalone in Kristen Hope Mazzola’s Happy Hour Series.  This group of ladies and their charming counterparts have quickly become a guilty pleasure for me. The only downside to these clever, entertaining reads is that they are over with way too fast!

We get to spend time with Sawyer Henderson this go round. As a wedding photographer, she quickly finds herself meeting with the bride-to-be Misty and her tall, dark, and handsome brother, Trace. He seems like a great guy (certainly great looking) and persistent to boot. He seems to “get” Sawyer, something her family doesn’t seem to do. It doesn’t take long for him to charm Sawyer into saying yes to being his date to the wedding…and to other things! I can’t give anything away but there is more than one surprise waiting for us at the bottom of this martini glass!

Dirty Martini wasn’t as poignant as Manhattan and not quite as silly as Gin & Tonic, but it still delivered. Even though it’s essentially a novella, I’m not disappointed in the storyline. There’s enough there for the plot to develop without feeling rushed. The characters are delightful, the dialogue is witty, and the romance is charming. One thing they all have in common throughout is the happy ever after!  I give Dirty Martini 4 out of 5 propellers!

Start the series now with Manhattan!

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