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Once Upon A Wedding Anthology is now available!

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FFTH Once Upon a Wedding anthology cover



Second Chance Romance!

11 BRAND NEW novellas

Only 99c!




Cait Sidhe’s Review

If it isn’t obvious by now, I fall head over heels for a second chance romance…and a whole book of them? All I can say is gimme, gimme, gimme! I wasn’t disappointed in this collection of do-overs by all these talented authors. While there weren’t any that I didn’t enjoy, a couple of them stood out over the others.

Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan was fun for all kinds of reasons. First, meteorologists aren’t the usual romance MCs. There were so many weather-related love puns, and I guess I’m a geek, but they made me giggle a little every time. Like “…just like having your ex-fiancee show up in your driveway, tornadoes were unpredictable.” (It’s the little things really!) Unlike a lot of second chance romance, there wasn’t a whole lot of drama in the backstory, just two people who were young and were influenced to choose another life over the one they had. Allie broke it off with Dylan to pursue her career. She worked so hard to get through school and didn’t want to let her parents down and let her career take a back seat. When they meet up again to go chase storms together, it’s not just the weather that’s captivating! Like rainbows after the storm, Weather or Knot delivers a sunshine-y HEA!

A Morning Glory Wedding by Liz Talley took another spin on the second chance merry go round but in an entirely different manner. This Christian, clean, second-chance romance had a big theme of forgiveness throughout. Brandy is back in the town she grew up in, running her grandmother’s floral shop and prepping for a big wedding. The only problem is she ruined the bride’s first marriage by getting involved with the groom after he swore they were already separated. Brandy has never forgiven herself for falling for Benton and his lies. This one has an unusual love interest as well: the new pastor in town! This story isn’t about two people having the chance to fall in love again, but really, isn’t learning to forgive yourself one of the best kinds of love? There’s a lot of backstory to this one but I really enjoyed getting inside Brandy’s head and the circumstance that convinces her that she’s more than her past mistakes. I really enjoyed this one for the secondary characters too. While it doesn’t have the perfect ride-off-into-the-sunset type of HEA, the ending is pretty adorable!


I Do, Again by Jamie Beck

A makeup artist who is forced to become her bridezilla client’s eleventh-hour bridesmaid is dumbstruck to discover her ex-husband is a groomsman and he wants a second chance.

Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan

Two meteorologists with a turbulent romantic history join a team of storm chasers and discover that love, like lightning, sometimes strikes twice.

The Runaway Bride by Sonali Dev

A groom has one night to convince his runaway bride that her fears that he’s settling for her are anything but true.

Starboard Vow by K.M. Jackson

A cruise director is taken off course when the country’s hottest bachelor – and her secret husband – arrives aboard her ship for a whirlwind cruise.

Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman

A widowed blueberry farmer is reunited with her late husband’s best friend when he returns to escort her daughter down the aisle.

Snowbound in Vegas by Sally Kilpatrick

A Best Man and Maid of Honor loathe each other…until they’re stuck in a mountain cabin meant for a honeymoon.

Star Struck: Take 2 by Falguni Kothari

Embroiled in a Bollywood stunt wedding, an A-list manager is torn between doing what is right for her celebrity client or seizing a second chance with the bad boy groom herself.

Always Yours by Priscilla Oliveras

With love in the air at a familia wedding, two high school sweethearts separated by misguided mistakes just might find their second chance for a happily ever after together.

Home Sweet Home by Hope Ramsay

Family secrets tore them apart as teens but a wedding in Sweet Home, Virginia, may give star-crossed lovers a second chance at forgiveness and love.

Inseparable by Barbara Samuel

Thwarted high school sweethearts meet again in the gorgeous Colorado mountains for a wedding…of their children.

A Morning Glory Wedding by Liz Talley

A florist responsible for the break-up of the bride’s first marriage gets a chance for forgiveness and a new love with a hunky pastor.