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Choose Me, an all-new standalone coming-of-age romance

by RC Boldt is LIVE!

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Wearing the nicest suit I own, I stand in the very back with a flask full of whiskey in my inner pocket. I put on a brave face as I watch her walk down the aisle.

Because it’s too late.

I refuse to be the bastard who makes her cry on her wedding day, but I’m dying to tell her what I’ve always known. She’s my best friend, but she doesn’t realize she owns my f*cking heart and soul, too.

Each step down that aisle takes her farther away from me and brings her closer to him, forcing me to face the truth: I’ve fallen in love with someone who can’t be mine. If she’d just turn around, maybe she’d realize I love her more than he ever could.

I won’t ruin her perfect day, but my broken heart begs me to try and convince her.

Choose me.

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NICUnurse’s Review of Choose Me by RC Boldt

Choose Me is the next standalone novel by RC Boldt. I’ve only read a handful of her books, but what I have read I’ve really enjoyed. But this one…this one, I LOVED! Maybe it’s because it reminded me a lot of my own story with my husband. Maybe it’s because I’m a homegrown Georgia Peach with a romantic heart that still loves the deep South. Or maybe it’s because the characters and the storyline were so dynamic. Regardless, it is a really well-written, heartwrenching, friends-to-lovers contemporary romance.

Hollis and Magnolia (seriously…can you get more genteel Southern than that name?!) meet as 8-year-olds, and despite the fact that he’s from the wrong side of town, they become best friends. As time passes, and they grow up, there’s a part of each of them that wishes the other would choose them. So when life brings them full circle, will Magnolia have the courage to buck the system and choose Hollis?

Let’s talk characters for a moment. Hollis is the real deal. He’s the good (and good-looking) guy who usually chooses to do the right thing (I mean…we’re all human, so of course there are some wrong choices made). He has a great moral compass and loves loyally. Magnolia is the quintessential southern girl from a well-to-do family. While she tries to please her mother and stepfather, she also tries to balance that part of herself with who she truly is. She’s fiercely loyal to Hollis, even under the pressure of her upper-class family. The only person that could ever make her turn her back on Hollis is…Hollis.

NICUnurse’s Rating: I love the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. It’s one of my absolute favorites of all time. And there are a lot of similar themes woven throughout Choose Me that, along with the similarities to my own happily ever after, made me absolutely fall in love with this story. It’s well written, with well-developed characters, and a storyline that had me wanting to devour this book to the very end. Unfortunately, I had to eat and pee at some point, but I certainly didn’t want to put it down! I give Choose Me by RC Boldt 5 out of 5 propellers!

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