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About Two For Holding

I didn’t think I was missing anything. I had my son, a great career, and a home that I’d made for both of us. One puck over the glass at a hockey game made me realize I wanted more. The larger-than-life hockey player inserted himself into our world and I never wanted to let him go.

The thing is, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to keep him.

My home was on the ice, with a stick in my hand and a puck on my tape. It took one little boy with a toothless smile and his spitfire mother to change all that. I wanted them to be my home and I was willing to take all the penalties necessary to make it happen.

Now I just have to convince her that we can handle it all together.

Melding three lives into one isn’t as easy as it seems, especially with the traveling, the media, and the insecurities. Savannah and Porter have to decide whether to use the breakaway to head to the goal or take a seat on the bench.
After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.

*Each story is completely standalone.

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Copyright @ 2019 Kay Gordon

Hamilton was spelled out across the back, right above his number. A grey C was on the front, right above the left breast, and I knew right away it would fit me. Also in the bag was a matching jersey, although quite a bit smaller, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest.

Porter Hamilton was surprising me at every turn.

Moving to my feet, I tugged off the sweatshirt I had on and pulled the jersey over my head. A slight thrill went up my spine at the thought of wearing his name on my back. I turned to look at my friends and held my arms out.

“How does it look?”

Holly gave me a thumb’s up while John nodded his head in approval.

“You’re a real hockey girlfriend now.”

I rolled my eyes and took my seat when our food and drinks showed up. I’d just finished off a hotdog when a slew of skaters hit the ice for warm-ups. The crowd cheered like crazy and people pushed towards the glass, trying to get the attention of their favorite players.

My eyes found number twenty-two almost immediately. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and his eyes were laser focused on the ice as he took several laps around the net. I watched his tall, powerful frame as he skated with purpose.

That man was sexy as hell.

Porter finally looked up from the ice and glanced over to where we were. A smile hit his face instantly and he skated until he was standing at the glass in front of us, tapping on it with his stick. He pulled a glove off one hand and crooked a finger at me.

I cleared my throat and stood from my seat. He flicked his fingers again, indicating I should turn, so I did, allowing him to see his name and number on my back. When I faced him again, a look a pride had overtaken his features.

He said something but it was so loud that I couldn’t hear what it was. I shook my head and gestured to my ear, causing his grin to widen. He pointed to me and said it again, slower that time, making it easy for me to read his lips.

“You’re so beautiful.”

My cheeks immediately blazed and I fought to keep from averting my eyes. “Thank you.”
Porter just grinned again and glanced behind me to where John was standing with a look of boyish excitement on his face. The hockey player jerked his chin at him in greeting before giving me another grin. He held his hand up in a wave, shoved the glove back on, and turned to skate back to his team.

“Wow.” Holly looked at me with wide eyes as I sat back down. “That boy has it bad.”
He wasn’t the only one.


Blue Seal’s Review of Two for Holding

Two For Holding is the fourth book in the 425 Madison Series. I am so impressed with the 425 Madison series and I think you will be too! This is Kay Gordon’s FIRST hockey romance novel but I hear that she is a HUGE Predator’s fan which explains why she able to go into so much detail. Grab your beverage of choice and let’s chat about Porter, Savannah, and the show-stealing Logan.

Logan is a five-year old bundle of cuteness who is a HUGE hockey fan and his favorite Titan’s player is Porter Hamilton. Porter noticed Logan in the crowd during a pre-game practice skate and tossed the adorable little boy a puck only for it to be stolen by an older jerk of a man. It is when Savannah unleashes her fury on the jerk who stole her son’s puck that Porter noticed the little dude’s mother who was as beautiful as the kid was cute. Porter, who is distracted by the duo, finally found them in the crowd during the game as they were celebrating a goal only to be knocked on his butt by the intensity of their smiles. In an effort to make up for the jerk stealing Logan’s puck, Porter upgrades their seats to the luxury lounge and visited with them after the game. The chemistry between Porter and Savanah is instant and so strong that neither of them quite knows what to do. Porter, who has been a player, is ready to settle down with Savannah and Logan. However, Savannah is not sure if she is ready to be a WAG and all of the publicity that goes along with it.

Not only has Kay Gordon done her research to write a very believable book about a hockey player, she has spent a lot of time developing her characters. You will meet and HATE Logan’s father – Brandon. Porter Hamilton is lust-worthy and Savannah, well you kind of want to slap her for some of the decisions that she makes. That brings us to the star of the book…Logan who is the real focus of the book. It is his relationship the main characters that really is what will make you laugh as well as cry. My rating for Kay Gordon’s Two For Holding…5 out of 5 propellers!


About The Author

kaygordonKay Gordon is a married, mother of two living near the west coast. She spends her days teaching young, impressionable minds in public school and evenings typing away furiously once her children are in bed. Her favorite genres to read are Contemporary Romance and New Adult/College romance, although she rarely denies a good paranormal or dystopian! When she’s not teaching or writing, Kay loves to spend time with her family. They’re all a bunch of nerds who can quote Disney movies and Star Wars quickly!

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About the 425 Madison Series

Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced & sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.

The series features stories from some of your favorite romance authors: Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Allie York, Aubree Valentine, Kay Gordon, Lauren Helms, Sylvia Kane, Katy Ames, and C. Lesbirel.

Join these authors as they come together, each with a standalone romance for you to enjoy.

Featuring some of readers’ favorite tropes: second-chance romance, best friends sibling romance to a good ol’ enemies to lovers romance. We’ve got you covered with a sports romance, a fake relationship and even an ugly duckling or two. Don’t forget a brother’s best friend and falling for your soul mate. Maybe a little love triangle as well. Each tale offers you something new, something different. After all, 425

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