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Before they were Mana & Pops, they were just George & Christine…

On February 26th get Under The Stars, an Iron Orchids prequel novella by Danielle Norman!

Under the Stars
Before they were Pops and Mana…
They were George and Christine.
This is how the Christakos family began.
This is their love story.
It’s the summer of 1976,
He’s a rebel with an attitude.
She’s an innocent with a heart of gold.
Together, they find a way to make a first love last a lifetime.

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Fly Girl’s Review:

I’ve had a love affair with Danielle Norman’s writing for quite some time even though this is the first book I’ve read. I’ve read so many of the blurbs and been, “Oh, I want to read that, wait, I don’t have any time on my calendar!!!”  Finallyyy–I was able to read this one.  It is only a novella, but it was so worth the wait.  Now I’m trying to figure out where I can put her other books on my calendar so I can get them off my TBR pile.

This is a very rich story in color, characterization and plot for being only a novella.  I know this is a prequel to all the others in her Iron Orchids series, but for me it was the first and how sweet to start at the beginning.  Almost like it’s fate.  I was so engrossed in her book it took me only an evening to finish reading it.  She builds George and Christine up so well from their instant connection to the final scenes in their new life together that it felt like they could’ve been my grandparents.  I also loved the Greek island theme and her description of Greek heritage and how different it is from America even back then.

It was the emotion and funny scenes that really got me though and made me yearn to read more by her.  So I’m giving it a 4 of 5 and I’ll be sure to share the others I find time to take of the TBR pile.

4 of 5 propellers

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Danielle is Southern born and raised. When not writing, she is riding on her Harley. Most days she can be found in jeans, t-shirt, and cowgirl boots. She has over twenty pairs. And don’t get her started on her kickass biker boots. She believes that Cinderella had it all figured out, “One shoe can change your life, provided those shoes look fucking fabulous.”

Danielle is proud of her Greek heritage and often uses her knowledge of the Greek culture and language in her books. She and her husband, that she lovingly calls Beta, travel a large portion of the year and devote every weekend to date nights; he claims to be a willing test pilot for all steamy scenes. He’s convinced her that she should write what she knows (and has tried, at least once).

Danielle’s favorite heroes are known as Beta heroes, “Men that open the door for you during the day and throw you against them at night.”

Betas write love notes, some with sexual innuendos.
Betas send flowers, some with sexual innuendos.
If someone asks a Beta, How’s life?. He’ll reply, “She’s wonderful.”

Her sarcastic sense of humor comes out in every book; she is often her own entertainment. Her goal is to write books that make the reader laugh and fall in love without all of the emotional baggage that we face every day in our real lives.

And Friday is her second favorite F word (if you hadn’t figured that out yet).