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Lover’s Landing Novella Project

Authors: Kiersten Modglin, Mysti Parker, Marika Ray, Kelsie Rae,  

Christina Butrum, Savannah Sloan, Marie Savage, and Leanne Davis

release day is finally here!


BlueSeal’s Overview of the  Lover’s Landing Novella Project

{Hi there!  I am going to do things a little differently with this post.  Since there are 8 novellas in the project that need to be reviewed individually, I’m including the link to my previous post so that you can go back and read the blurbs about each novella as well as information about the authors and how to connect with them.  This project turned out great, and I really want you to read all of the reviews and not get turned off by the length of the post so…keep scrolling and keep reading!  It will be worth it!  Thanks! BlueSeal}

Welcome to Lover’s Landing!  Everyone here is in LOVE!  This novella series takes place in the small town of Love, Georgia.  Lover’s Landing is famous for serving the best coffee in Love.  Technically, it was the only place that served coffee in Love.  It is also known for its matchmaking services, and those services can all be blamed on the owners, Harold and Betty.  The entire town has heard about their “love potion” ever since the couple met at Lover’s Landing back in 1975.  At the time that Harold and Betty bought the coffee shop, it was just a normal shop…but not with all of the latest flavors and choices.  Now, Harold and Betty have this story of their magic brew creating love, and believe it or not, their services are starting to carry a bit of weight.  Almost everyone in town has been set up, and Harold and Betty lay claim to half of the successful marriages in town simply because of their special brew.  Welcome to Lover’s Landing…where the familiar smell of coffee will wrap around you like a comfy blanket. And be sure to take Betty’s advice.  “Keep an open mind and heart.  Don’t say no too hastily.  Because once you let love in, you’ll believe it was the coffee too.”

Where can you go wrong when a series is based around a coffee shop?  The collaboration of authors did a great job of weaving their stories together with Harold, Betty, and Lover’s Landing!  You will walk away from this series having laughed a little, cried a little, and wanting to have coffee with Harold and Betty!  I give the series, as a whole, 4.5 out of 5 propellers. 


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Title: The Long Route: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Kiersten Modglin

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense



BlueSeal’s Review of The Long Route

The Long Route is the first story in the Lover’s Landing series.  It is the story of Lydia and Adam, a pair of high school sweethearts who haven’t seen each other in five long years.   Back in high school, Adam was certain that he and Lydia were going to end up having a little family together, but when he bared his soul by professing his love and asking her to be his wife…Lydia freaked out.  Lydia is an orphan, and her one goal in life was to attend the college in Atlanta that her mother attended with the hope of keeping a connection that she feels like she’s losing each day.  Adam’s proposal after graduation didn’t feel right.  She knows they love each other, but the proposal felt like he was trying to lock her down, so she ran and didn’t look back––or did she?  This is a beautiful story of forgiveness.  Before Lydia and Adam can mend their relationship, they have to not only forgive each other, but they have to forgive themselves too.  Kiersten has done a great job kicking off the series by laying the groundwork and introducing us to Harold and Betty.  She has created beautifully flawed, broken characters that prove that love––and a little love potion––can conquer anything.  I give The Long Route by Kiersten Modglin 5 out of 5 propellers.




Title: Too Close To Call: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Mysti Parker

Genre: Contemporary Romance



BlueSeal’s Review of Too Close to Call


Too Close to Call is the story of Helena and Sean.  Helena is a small town girl who was determined to break free from her parents, and in doing so, she broke the heart of her high school boyfriend, Sean.  Helena has a law degree from the University of Georgia and has spent her career traveling the world…only to find her job dissolved due to budget cuts.  That coincidentally––or maybe not––happened on the same day that her father, James Benedict Davis, respected attorney and city council majority leader, had a stroke.  Helena has returned to Love to play nursemaid to her father and babysit her alcoholic mother. But her family has other plans.  Plans that include running for her father’s city council seat against none other than…Sean.  This book is full of surprises…everything from a family scandal which would change the history of the town, to the political drama of a small town election.  I really enjoyed the book, but I felt like it was missing something, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe the resolution was just a little bit too easy.  I give Too Close to Call by Mysti Parker 4 out of 5 propellers. 




Title: The Marriage Sham: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Marika Ray

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance/ Clean & Wholesome


BlueSeal’s Review of The Marriage Sham


The Marriage Sham is the story of Francis and Fen.  Francis is a corporate event planner who was raised by her grandfather in Love, but she now calls Atlanta home.  When her grandfather ends up in the hospital due to a dementia-related injury, Francis moves home to provide the best care for the only man she’s ever loved.  Earl surprises Francis by asking her to help him check off items in his bucket list:  1––He wants Francis to move back to Love (check); 2––He wants to get out of the house every day until he dies (not ready for that conversation); and 3––He wants to see Francis married and happy (WTH?).  The first two are fairly easy, but Francis can’t exactly just order up a husband. However, Betty can play matchmaker with Earl’s next door neighbor, Fen.  Fen is the most beautiful specimen that Francis has seen in a long time.  Her first glimpse of him takes place when he is standing shirtless outside of his house, spraying down his upper body with water.  What happens when Fen offers to help Francis check off number 3?  Will they be able to just walk away when Earl dies?  Fen almost seems too good to be true.  This was a well-written book, and I also fell in love with the sweet Fen.  I mean, really, who is this sweet? I give The Marriage Sham by Marika Ray 4.5 out of 5 propellers. 






Title: Fifty-Fifty: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Kelsie Rae

Genre: Contemporary Romance


BlueSeal’s Review of Fifty-Fifty


Fifty-Fifty is the story of Beau and Noah.  Noah is a tattoo artist who is looking to raise money to invest in a tattoo shop of his own, but his boss has given him a strict timeline in which to gather the money.  His estranged grandfather, Jay, passed away leaving Noah and someone named Beau a fifty-fifty split in his motel.  The plan is for Beau to run the motel and send monthly checks to Noah.  When the first check arrives, Noah decides it is time to pay a visit to Beau Williams in Love, Georgia and come to an agreement to sell the property.  Noah is in for a couple of HUGE surprises.  The motel is a bed and breakfast that is falling apart, and Beau is a beautiful, single mother who is not willing to give up the only home that she’s ever had.  Jay had a stipulation in the will that if Noah and Beau could not agree on what to do with the bed and breakfast, they would forfeit their right to the will, and all proceeds would go to a local charity.  They agree to work together for 30 days to see if they can turn the bed and breakfast around.  Can they survive 30 days under the same roof?  I have to tell you that the real star in this book is Beau’s daughter, Mac.  She is the one that steals Noah’s heart and wraps him around her little finger.  Kelsie did a great job with this book.  I love a gentleman with tattoos! She even did research to learn the dialect often used in Georgia (i.e., ain’t, y’all, lil’ thing, ya know, etc…).  I give Fifty-Fifty by Kelsie Rae 4.5 out of 5 propellers! 




Title: Sweet On Love: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Christina Butrum

Genre: Contemporary Romance– Sweet & Clean


BlueSeal’s Review of Sweet On Love


Sweet on Love is the story of Sadie and Logan.  Sadie is the owner of Sadie’s Sweets, the sole bakery in Love, Georgia, which she opened with her mother.  The past ten months have been hard on Sadie.  She lost her mom in a terrible car accident, and with that loss went her love and desire to bake.  With the help of a new employee, Sadie has been able to keep the bakery open but still can’t bring herself to bake.  The passion is gone.  While making a delivery to Lover’s Landing, Sadie runs into Logan––or I should say Logan runs into Sadie?  Logan was best friends with Sadie’s brother Trent until his family moved away, but Logan has moved back and opened a veterinary practice.  Is Logan’s simple request of asking Sadie to bake for his spay and neuter fundraiser enough to spark Sadie’s passion…both in and out of the kitchen?  Is the attraction and chemistry between Logan and Sadie enough to sweep away Logan’s bitterness toward relationships?   Can Logan convince Sadie that she can do (bake, cope, love) anything that she thinks she can’t, and he will be right there to support her? Christina has written a very sweet story that could have easily been titled “How Sadie Got her Groove Back.”  I give Sweet On Love by Christina Butrum 4.5 out of 5 propellers. 




Title: He Said, She Said: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Savannah Sloan

Genre: Contemporary Romance


BlueSeal’s Review of He Said, She Said



He Said, She Said is the story of Molly and Nick.  To say that Nick’s life has been rough is a gross understatement.  Life has left him a thirty-nine-year-old, jaded, angry cuss of a man who happens to be the only dentist in the town of Love.  He is a man of routine, but when his 9-year-old coffee pot dies, Nick is forced out of his routine and begrudgingly goes to Lover’s Landing for his morning coffee…only to be knocked sideways by a pissy, bossy beautiful little thing of a woman.  Molly just had a run-in with the sexiest silver fox that she has ever met.  Nick literally left Molly wet––covered in coffee––which sparked fighting, and then flirting with a hint of passive-aggressive anger which, surprisingly, was a major turn-on for them both.  Did I mention that Molly is a dental assistant who was hired by Nick’s officer manger while he was away on vacation?  Thus begins the story of Molly and Nick, who both try really hard to be professional and not act on their explosive attraction.  Not only is this Savannah’s debut book, I think this is the funniest book in the series.  It is funny from the dedication (which you HAVE to read) all the way to the Acknowledgments.  The verbal sparring between Nick and Molly had me laughing so hard!   I give He Said She, Said by Savannah Sloan 4.5 out of 5 propellers. 





Title: Playing For Keeps: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Marie Savage

Genre: Contemporary Romance


BlueSeal’s Review of Playing for Keeps


Playing for Keeps is the story of Bethany and Cody.  Cody is a firefighter in the small town of Love who has a secret––albeit is not a well-kept secret since the entire town knows.   Cody is in love with his best friend, Bethany, who moved away after high school graduation but is finally moving back to Love to teach kindergarten.   After high school, Bethany had plans. Plans which did not include getting married and staying in that small town for the rest of her life.  She wanted to study far from home, focus on a career, and travel.  Will Cody finally man-up and admit his feelings to Bethany, or will someone else sweep in first?   Have you ever wanted to pop someone in the back of the head and say “quit being stupid”?  That is exactly what I wanted to do with Bethany and Cody.  They are so in love with each other, but both are afraid of jeopardizing their friendship.  I also found myself wanting to yell, “just go drink the coffee and listen to Ms. Betty!” Marie did a great job developing these characters who are so easy to love! I give Playing for Keeps by Marie Savage 4.5 out of 5 stars





Title: At The Next Table: A Lover’s Landing Novella

Author: Leanne Davis

Genre: Contemporary Romance


BlueSeal’s Review of At The Next Table


At The Next Table is actually two stories all in one novella.  It is the stories of Harper and Holden, as well as Alicia and Holden.  Let me go ahead and warn you…have the tissues close when you read this novella.  Holden is a man reliving a nightmare every single day.  It’s like Groundhog’s Day or Fifty First Dates.  He’s trying to have fifty anniversary coffees.  Except he’s all alone––or he thinks he is.  Holden’s purpose in life ended one year ago with the tragic death of his wife, Harper.  It was Valentine’s Day, and Holden forgot to meet Harper at Lover’s Landing.  She called him–– quite mad––and they were on the phone when she was hit by a drunk driver.  Now, he just exists.  Alicia is in town for business and always starts her morning at Lover’s Landing.  She’s been there for two weeks watching Holden and his unusual morning routine.  He arrives at 7:35, scrapes his boots on the scraper before coming in, speaks to Betty, picks up two coffees with the names Holden and Harper on them, and sits down at the exact same table for about 10 minutes. Then he gets up, throws the coffees away, and leaves.  He does not notice any of the sounds, people, or activity around him…not even the 6-foot tall redhead who is fascinated by him.  Alicia decides that Holden needs a friend, someone to break him out of the routine. On the one year anniversary of Harper’s death, Holden finds Alicia seated in Harper’s chair.  That is all that I’m going to tell you.  I fell in love with all of the characters, and believe me when I say that Harper is a major character––just like Holden and Alicia.  This is my favorite novella of the series!  I give At The Next Table by Leanne Davis 5 out of 5 propellers!!


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Goodreads Links:

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Sweet on Love by Christina Butrum: https://bit.ly/2B0b09Z

The Long Route by Kiersten Modglin: http://bit.ly/2C6p69y

The Marriage Sham by Marika Ray:  https://bit.ly/2UpEu8s

Playing For Keeps by Marie Savage:  https://bit.ly/2GawMLB

He Said, She Said by Savannah Sloan:  https://bit.ly/2G8NsDg

Fifty-Fifty by Kelsie Rae:  https://bit.ly/2RmAvHX

Too Close to Call by Mysti Parker: https://bit.ly/2DIT7hO


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