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A siren who’s terrified of the ocean…with a destiny that involves a hunky shirtless dude.

Ever meet a mermaid terrified of the ocean? The closest I get to salt water is in my bath.

As for singing? My siren heritage left me with a killer voice. Literally. Some people can charm animals out of trees. Me? They jump to their deaths rather than listen to another note.

I know I’m different. And I’m cool with it. What I’m not cool with is the meathead who decides that he’s my fated mate. Just because he’s tall, handsome, and muscle-bound doesn’t mean I’m going to fall into bed with him. We might do it standing upright first.

Don’t judge. I deserve a little fun, especially since I think my time on Earth is limited.

The nightmares are getting stronger. The mood swings nastier. The ocean is calling, but I don’t think it wants to give me a gentle embrace.

Can a misfit who doesn’t belong anywhere find a way to survive the future – and maybe even fall in love?

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Fly Girl’s Review:

I was excited to get this on Audible before it came out.  Somehow Audible releases books earlier than on Amazon, so if you are lucky you get to snatch it up early and listen.  So since this one released on my birthday—Happy Birthday to Me!!!—I decided I should listen and review it.

This was a quick listen, I think less than 4 hours on regular speed.  I unfortunately have to listen at 1.25 because the narrator talks too slow.  This just gives me more time to listen to another book.  This one starts out with a kidnapping and rescue that goes awry, sort of.  She meets Jory during this rescue.  At this point we also get the back story from the Hybrid Misfit so you can read this one as a stand alone.  Turns out her best friend is a queen, kind of.  Anyway it’s a little confusing what with them splicing mermaid and siren genes; bunny and werewolf; angel and demon genes to make these hybrids.  But the romance isn’t confusing at all.  He wants her, and she isn’t into a relationship right now, she wants to know about her heritage and why her hair keeps getting greener to the point hair dye can’t cover it up.  In the end, she discovers her heritage, but it leaves her with more questions than answers, but allows her to open her heart to Jory so they might get their HEA.  Also, it comes at a good point when she really could use a protector, as it seems folks may be after the misfits.

As usual Eve delivers the funny, sad, and happy HEA we all have come to expect from her.  The good news is it is totally different than all the others she’s written.  My only complain is I really felt this one was too short.  Although there is a HEA, there is still a bit of a cliffhanger about who created these hybrids.  Bunny’s story will be next, so we’ll have to wait and see if we find out who created them and why.  At least they are all finding their Happily Ever After.

4 of 5 Propellers

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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Eve Langlais is a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She likes to blame her twisted imagination for her sarcastic sense of humor which tends to heavily influence her stories. She enjoys writing about strong alpha males, that need the right woman to temper their wild side–and unleash the lover. She loves to write, and while she might not always know what her mind is going to come up with next, she does promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because she believes in a happily ever after.