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Once a KingErin Summerill returns with a high-stakes fantasy full of romance, magic, and revenge perfect for fans of Susan Dennard and C. J. Redwine.

Aodren: A lonely, young king, searching for a way to dismantle his father’s dark legacy.
Lirra: A girl with the power to control the wind, torn between duty and following her dreams

For twenty years, Channelers—women with a magical ability—have been persecuted in Malam by those without magic. Now King Aodren wants to end the bloody divide and unite his kingdom. But decades of hatred can’t be overcome by issuing decrees, and rumors of a deadly Channeler-made substance are only fueling people’s fears. Lirra has every reason to distrust Aodren. Yet when he asks for help to discover the truth behind the rumors, she can’t say no. With Lirra by his side, Aodren sees a way forward for his people. But can he rewrite the mistakes of the past before his enemies destroy the world he’s working so hard to rebuild?


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Fly Girl’s Review:

This book surprised me.  It took me a while to read.  I’m so used to contemporary romances that you don’t need to read every word because there isn’t any intrigue going on.  Well, young adult tend to make you have to read every word, so I thought I could finish it in time for her release, but was unable to.  But this one was so good I didn’t quit.  I carved out some hours and finally finished it to a resounding, AWESOME!!!

Although this is actually book three in the series, you can read it as a stand alone.  I haven’t read the first two books, but I got a pretty good picture of what happened in them to be able to follow along and enjoy this one.  It is really awesome, usually in young adult series you expect a cliff hanger and no HEA until after the series ends.  That is not the case with this one.  You get your HEA and no cliffhanger, but room to keep the series going.  I think that is because the world she built is really five different kingdoms, each unique in its own right so although they trade and have similar magic, they each have their own story to tell.

We start off finding out about Lirra’s life and her background until she’s asked to deliver a message to King Aodren for her father.  She thinks her time with the King is over and is moving on until he asks for her help getting him to the summit melee.  Against her better judgement, and because of the carrot he dangles for her, she helps him.  That is the catalyst for their love story.  They are both working through a lot of pain from their pasts and what they feel are their futures that they must overcome to find happiness together.

Both are betrayed in horrible ways along the way and find they must really trust one another, and that sometimes even family can play a part in keeping them separated.  King Aodren really learns to trust his fellow leaders and follow his instincts where people are concerned, while Lirra learns to trust herself and her family.  She also opens herself up to the King and finds her focus.

I’m definitely giving this a 5 of 5 because it shows a lot of things I think a young adult can learn from.  1.  It’s OK to ask for help.  2.  Believe in yourself, sometimes that’s all you’ve got.  3.  Family is a bond that can’t nor should be broken.  4.  Young love is the sweetest.  5.  Loyalty counts when the chips are down.  Also there is a Happily Ever After and no cliffhanger.  Thanks Erin for a great book.

5 of 5 Propellers

Ever the Hunted / Ever the Brave


Erin SummerillConnect with Erin Summerill

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Erin Summerill is an award-winning author of the young adult fantasy Ever The Hunted, and Ever the Brave. When she’s not writing, Erin is devouring a book, photographing one, or talking to teens about her latest favorite read. Once a high school English teacher, she now teaches at conferences and workshops. Her focus talk on “How to Do Hard Things” empowers middle grade and high school students to face their fears and achieve their goals.

Erin is proud to be an Air Force brat. She was born in England. Shortly after, her family’s Hawaiian heritage drew them back to the islands.
Now, she lives in Utah with her husband and four rascal children. Erin holds a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University and is currently working on an MFA in Writing Fiction For Children at Vermont College of Fine Arts.