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The Girl with the Sweetest SecretNew York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn’s warmhearted and witty new romance is filled with sparkling surprises . . 
When Frances Bumgarten encounters a handsome stranger in her kitchen in the middle of the night, her first impulse is to wallop the scoundrel on the head with a bread paddle. And when Frankie discovers he is “The Fox,” a disarmingly arrogant purveyor of gossip among England’s aristocracy, she’s tempted to take a second swing . . .

Never mind that Reynard Boulton, nephew of the Viscount Tannehill, is returning her inebriated uncle safely home. This chiseled intruder has sparked an infuriating physical sensation unlike anything the feisty Nevada silver heiress has experienced. In fact, the noblemen of London are so dull, Frankie’s sworn off marriage entirely. She will, however, help her younger sister win her own love match—even if it means secretly enlisting Reynard’s enquiring mind . . .

But secrets, as Reynard knows too well, can be costly. For Frankie is yet unaware that a villainous duke is scheming to claim her—and ruin him. Soon they’re racing to uncover the truth—and fueling a passion that won’t stay hidden . . .

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Fly Girl’s Review:

I liked this one.  It was a cute story of a wealthy heiress whose mother wants her to marry a title to legitimize the family wealth.  She was unsuccessful with the oldest daughter (A Good Day to Marry a Duke) so she works on the next oldest, Frankie.

Frankie has no desire to get married even when a Prussian Duke tries for her hand.  Her mother is throwing Frankie at him, but all the while Frankie is trying to show her mother what an ass the Duke is.  And boy is he into some dirty dealings…

Along comes the soon to be titled Viscount Tannehill who she slowly woos, unbeknownst to her.  He always seems to be in the right place at the right time to save her from herself or her crimes.  Oh the wickedness of the three sisters that are left.  They all seem to help one another into and out of trouble through the whole book.  Whether it is with the horses, a duel, or a cross channel trip to Paris.  There is nothing the three sisters won’t do for one another.  The funniest stuff happens when they are trying to help each other out.  There is a great sense of family in this one, both pride and love.

I’m giving this one a 4 or 5 because I don’t think it will last with me like all my other 5’s do, but it was a great story to read.  If you like Historical Romance with a little comedy, this one is right up your alley.  Enjoy!!

4 of 5 Propellers

A Good Day to Marry a Duke



A Good Day to Marry A Duke


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Krahn, born Betina Maynard, is the second daughter of Dors Maynard and Regina Triplett. Krahn learned to read at the age of four, and began making up her own stories when she was only six. In fifth grade she won a silver “Noble Order of Bookworms” pin for her achievements in reading, and the following year she began writing down her stories.

Krane was graduated from high school in Newark, Ohio and received a B.S. in Education (Biological Sciences) at Ohio State University. After college, Krahn taught science in Newark, and studied for a graduate degree at Ohio State in the summers. It was during those summers that she met her future husband, physics graduate student Donald Krahn.

The family moved to Oklahoma, where Krahn finished the work for her Masters of Education in Counseling in 1973. In 1974, she gave birth to her first child, Nathan, with the second son Zebulun arriving in 1978. With two young children, Krahn became a stay-at-home mother for a time, also finding time to volunteer on a community board working to get funding for mental health care in part of Western Oklahoma. Once the funding was secured, Krahn worked as an HR director for a mental health center.