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Hometown firefighter, Blake Steele is living day by day, desperately trying to ease his guilt about his haunted past. When the beautiful Mary Franks moves in next-door, the conflict between what he knows in his head and what he feels in his heart suddenly becomes his most important struggle.

For Mary, living next door to a firefighter should be comforting, except her new neighbor continues to make a nuisance of himself by insisting on helping her—with everything. Despite her efforts, she can’t help but fall for him the more he hangs around. But love isn’t something Mary has time for. She has two goals: raising her son and hiding her illegal activities to keep her son safe.

When Mary’s ex is granted parole and fights to get his son back, she relies on Blake for support. But, as Blake uncovers the lies she’s kept, he is forced to face his own past to protect their futures before both of their lives go up in flames. Literally.

NICUnurse’s Review of Steele by Erin Bevan

The premise of this book was quite intriguing to me. The hero is a firefighter that happens to be in a motorcycle club. But this isn’t your typical MC book or your typical MC. These guys rescue battered women and children and help them recover and move on with their lives. And they keep protecting them. I’m not a fan of MC books (kudos to you guys that are, it’s just not MY thing). But when I read the blurb, I was intrigued enough about this MC because they aren’t your typical antihero club. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book. It didn’t grab my interest until about halfway through, and even then, it was easy to put down. I felt like there were places that really could have been fleshed out better to make this a great story. I expected more emotion and more angst, too. And the end felt rushed. Now, I know that I received an ARC so there was work still being done on it before the author hit publish on this work. So I’m hoping that the finished product is better. I’m intrigued enough to consider reading it in hopes that it really is better. But if you like a true hero who’s in an MC and something that isn’t too angsty, this book may just be for you. I kind of hate that I didn’t love it. So with that said, I’m giving this one 3.5 propellers, mostly because I expected the writing to be a bit better coming from an award-winning author. I hate ending a review on a bad note, so I do want to tell you what I liked about the book before I finish up here. I liked Steele’s character. He’s young, and he’s not dealt with something that happened when he was much younger and feels great guilt for. But he’s doing his best to make up for that mistake. He’s also extremely loyal to his family in the MC. And he’s great with kids, and the kids love him back. I also love that Mary is facing her fears and trying to make a life for herself and her son, despite their past. And I loved that the bad guys got what was coming to them in the end. So they do get their HEA.

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About Erin

Award winning author, Erin Bevan writes small town Americana romances straight from the heart. Born and raised in rural South Arkansas, she uses her past experiences to enrich her stories while infusing the right amount of heartache and humor to see her readers through until the end. With the perfect blend of sweet to steamy, Erin Bevan has something for every romance reader.

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