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Dating, who has time for that? Between working and my art, I have room for nothing else. That is until my best friend sets me up on Tailor Made: a website where I can design the perfect guy and my dream date. Crazy? I thought so too. Until he shows up and proves me wrong. It’s supposed to be just one night of fun, but in my life, things rarely go according to plan.


Working at Tailor Made is the perfect arrangement: all the perks of dating without the commitment. Between school, two jobs and raising my sister, I don’t have time for relationships, nor the demands that come with them. Then a client books me for a night out and I know, one night will never be enough. What’s supposed to be a simple date, just a job, flips my world upside down.

Sometimes the perfect fit comes along when you least expect it.


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********BlueSeal’s Review********

Have you ever had that friend who liked to surprise you with things?  A sweet card, a new scarf, or a lunch date?  I have friends who do that all of the time, but have you ever had a friend who set you up on a blind date?  Blind dates are the worst, but what if a friend signed you up for an escort…no, sorry wrong word…dating service?  That might be a friendship ender for me.

Rayleigh is an artist who hasn’t touched her paintings for months.  In order to pay the bills, she is working as a personal assistant to Sophia, the boss from hell, who runs an event and catering company.  Kat is Ray’s best friend who is sick of her working all of the time and dating losers, so she does what any best friend would do…she buys her a date.  Tailor Made is not just any dating service.  The clients get to create the three-hour date of their dreams.  You can name your date, chose his clothes, and plan the date, and the Tailor Made man will treat you like a queen (by-the-way, naked is not a clothing choice, and they don’t provide sexual services).  So, if your friend was paying the $100/hour fee and the tip, would you do it?  Ray did, and it changed her life.

Mason is a Made Man, Tailor Made, that is, but that is just his side job.   After his parents were killed in a tragic car accident, Mason became a single dad to his little sister.  He works as a financial advisor and is struggling to complete his MBA while raising a teenaged sister.  So why would he be working for Tailor Made?  Mason’s aunt owns the company and every penny he makes goes into his sister’s college fund.  It’s a fun job.  You get to take women out on dream dates and take them home three hours later, no strings attached.  What would happen if you met a woman who made you want more than three hours?

Tasha has done a great job developing these characters.  I love Ray and Mason and their emotional journey to find trust, healing, and perhaps love.   I give Tailor Made a solid 4 out of 5 propellers!


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About the Author:

Tasha Lewis is a romance author who grew up with her head in the clouds. Her passion for life has always kept her dreaming and moving forward. She believes in fate and is a true romantic at heart. Tasha is certain that anything can be solved with a good cup of coffee and a dog or two at your side.

When she isn’t reading, which isn’t often, she is usually working on a craft or three – she can never just stick with one. Join her on her journey of publication, crocheting and any other craft she is working on.


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