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Bearded DessertBook Two in Forest’s Story is here!!!

“New” dad, Forest Jenson, has been totally focused on getting his life together for the daughter he hadn’t known he had. But no matter how much time and energy it takes to raise a child and run a business with his best friends, there’s still something – or someone, rather – missing. That someone? The gorgeous Jax Sark.

Joclyn “Jax” Sark has a secret. From the moment she first laid eyes on him, she thought Forest was the sexiest man she’d ever seen. And all the time they’ve spent together certainly hasn’t changed that. There’s just one problem. They’re so close now, they’re practically family. So upsetting the balance and acting on her feelings is out of the question… right?


Donut Leave Me

Here’s where the story Starts.

Forest Jenson lives the wild life, and the only thing he takes seriously is his career as a pastry chef. At thirty-five, he still spends all of his free time hooking up, hitting the town, and refusing to settle down. Growing up and having a family are the furthest things from his mind until an old one-night-stand crashes the party to inform him he has a daughter. A seven-year-old daughter.

Ella Hartley has never met her father. In fact, for as long as she can remember, her mother has insisted on having Ella all to herself. If not for stories, and her Aunt Piper, Ella might not know a single thing about the man. But that’s all about to change, and as Ella faces saying goodbye to one parent, she’ll find herself suddenly saying hello to the other.

A reluctant new father braves the difficult tasks of caring for his daughter, making her happy, and keeping the memory of her mother alive, all while getting to know her. Determined to succeed, Forest will try anything to create a special bond with Ella that preserves her happy memories and helps her make new ones — even a weekly trip to the local donut shop.


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Fly Girl’s Biased Review-Donut Leave Me:

This is the start of Forest’s story, and it released in June 2018. Back then we weren’t sure if we were going to review Teresa’s books on the blog because we didn’t want to confuse our passengers with biased vs unbiased reviews. Ultimately, we decided Teresa deserved just as much promotion from our blog as any other writer, probably more so since she is an owner. So here we are. Remember, all biased reviews will clearly say in the heading they are biased, so no surprises.

This is Teresa’s first foray into traditional contemporary romance, and I’ve got to say, it was very good.  We see a very different writing style in this one than we do in her paranormal series (The Foster House Legacy series). I really like it, as it is more streamlined and funny. This story has a bit of everything: loss, gain, romance, love, and since it is only half of Forest’s story, there is a small cliffhanger. Forest gets to his aha moment with his new daughter, Ella, in this one, so there is a love story that finishes in this one.  But as for romance, you must binge-read part two of his story, Bearded Dessert. Thank goodness it released today…. So, I’m giving this a 4 of 5 because, although I’m loving her voice in this one, it was a cliffhanger, and I do have to stay true to my policy––I hate cliffhangers.

4 of 5 Propellers


Fly Girl’s Biased Review-Bearded Dessert:

This is by far Teresa’s best work. I loved it. It was a quick read, and even though there is still some unresolved issues in this one at the end, Forest and Jax get their HEA. The story flows beautifully and compliments the other two books in the One of the Boys series. The romance is so heartwarming and sexy, it makes you want to climb in bed with Forest right away. However, his desire to demonstrate a good relationship to his daughter is touching and melts your panties even more. He is supportive and authoritative in this one, which gives you a good sense of his personality. It keeps up with Donut Leave Me and really feels like closure on his story. I’m giving this a 5 of 5 because she leaves you wanting more of her work, but you’re all right if she moves to the next one that deserves a HEA. Can’t wait to see where she goes with the next one!

5 of 5 Propellers


Calla's Kitchen w Heart.jpg

Book 2 in the One of the Boys series.


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