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Part two of the Foster House Legacy Series is Finally Here!!

A family secret has been revealed.

During a siege on the Foster House, Alexis is locked in the attic of her family’s mansion with her boyfriend, District Attorney Josh Hampton. After reading from a long-lost book, Alexis’ legacy is revealed. Her ancestors were witches, and Alexis is the last of her line.

A Knight will learn his true purpose.

Ex-special ops Captain Brenton Young learns his final mission had been a set-up. Orders were changed at the last minute from an observe-only mission to a retrieval mission that led to Brenton making a gut-wrenching choice. There was no way to win. Now, he has a chance to truly right the wrongs and take his rightful place beside the other Knights that protect Alexis from evil.

An empathic law student must train.

Alexis must learn how to use all of her abilities now that they have been revealed to her. Her training won’t be easy. It could very well kill her.

The Foster House

Knight, you must save your energy. You will need it. Your friends may be lost to you, but you must fight the darkness within. Tristan poured his family’s evil into you and your friend over there. Deep down, you know what your mission has always been. It was never to serve Tristan. Think, and use the powers within you. Remember your history. Remember your true nature, your true mission.

This is the next installment of the Foster House Legacy series.

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Fly Girl’s Review: A slightly biased review

Obviously, I’ve read all of Teresa’s work, you just haven’t seen me review them as of yet.  We really wanted to keep our blog pure and unbiased.  But somewhere along the way, we remembered we wouldn’t have this blog if Teresa hadn’t decided to start writing for a living.  This is a tribute to Teresa, and the hard work she has put into making herself a successful author.

Bloodties definitely is not a stand-alone novel.  I want that made clear.  In fact, I re-read Her Legacy prior to reading Bloodties just to make sure I didn’t forget any of the details or characters.  This book really starts to let the mystery behind Alexis’s family and the Knights’ order come out.  This one isn’t as spooky as Her Legacy, but it has a ton of mystery in it.  Just when you think you know where it’s going, she throws you for a loop and takes you in another direction.  Misdirection is the name of the game in this one.   We learn a lot of the historical facts about the secret order and society that surround the witches and the Foster House.

Teresa gives Alexis some superpowers.  It doesn’t start out that way, but she gains them as we go along in this one and that makes me sooo happy.  (Read the 2nd review below and you’ll know what I mean.)  She’s still clumsy as hell, but the house makes things worse for her.  This story isn’t so much about character development as it is about the story of who Alexis is and the Foster House.

Down to business.  I’m giving this a 4 of 5 because I think she should have given more backstory from Her Legacy in the beginning of this one, just to refresh our memory a little bit.  Also, she put Alexis in positions she wouldn’t be able to handle with bruised ribs (I don’t want to tell more to keep from spoiling it).  But neither of these overshadow the great mystery she is building here.  Both books give you something a little different, which I think is unique in a series, Her Legacy is spooky while Bloodties is mysterious.  Can’t wait to see what the next one brings us.

4 of 5 Propellers


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Fly Girl’s Review of Her Legacy:  Another slightly biased review

Yes, I’ve read this story what seems like 5 or 6 times for Teresa over the years.  It has changed a lot.  There has been a lot of turmoil getting this story right for her.  There was the initial release, a full re-edit, and a relaunch, as I like to call it.  However, she really felt that was all required to tell her story the way she wanted and to give the Foster House Legacy series a good foundation.  As we all know, if your foundation is cracked, the house will fall down eventually…did you like the pun I made there??

I really loved this story from the beginning, and I know many people will say there is too much detail or it feels too long.  Let me tell you though, this is Teresa’s voice, and it is sound.  This book had to be epic in length; the story is so big and encompasses so many people as it goes along that it needed the length to get us to the absolutely killer CLIFFHANGER.  You know I hate cliffhangers, and that’s probably why I waited on this review so long.  But this spooky-scary-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story needed the cliffhanger to stun the audience.  So just keep reading.  Lucky for you, she’s already gotten Bloodties out so you can binge read the whole thing.

To the story.  I loved Alexis’ relationships with all her men, as I like to call them.  My one complaint about Alexis is how clumsy and damsel in distress she is in this first novel.  I’m pretty sure Teresa is going to give her superpowers in book two, so you’ll just have to keep reading.  The layout of the story is very well done.  There is family drama, a little bit of history revealed, more intrigue than Angela Landsbury gave in Murder She Wrote, and lots of details that will be a part of the rest of the series.  And oh my, the build-up to the end has you on the verge of a heart attack before she quickly closes the chapter on this one.  I’m giving it a 5 of 5 propellers because I love the pace, it’s one of the only books I’ve had the pleasure of reading more than once and loved it each time, and because I believe Alexis will get superpowers in the next one.  So pick up a copy, make some hot chocolate or a whiskey, and settle in for a spooky read.  Enjoy!!!

5 of 5 Propellers

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