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Release Day is Finally Here!!!

Eternal FireEternal Fire

S. Lawrence’s next book in the Guardians series…

A Destiny. A God. A Death.
Loki has battled an evil within himself for a millennia. Playing his role as Trickster, he has been alone. Now, he must defeat Odin or our world is lost.

Cora, seer and French Quarter fortune teller has dreamed of him all her life. Now, after being thrust into the war for our world, she finds love and her destiny.

Together they can chose each other or the world, either one will lead to heartache.

What would you do to save the one you love?
Not everything in mythology is just a story.
Not every fairy-tale is harmless.
Magic is very, very real… And so are the monsters.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

Ok folks, this is not a standalone novel.  You have to read the others before this one or you will be very lost.  I mean she goes into the back story of some of the characters, but there are so many stories all wrapped up into this last one, that you really need to know how they began.

This is the final story in the Guardians series S. Lawrence has been working on.  She has a great voice for story telling and this book really brings home the worlds she’s been building throughout the series.  The people are also very consistent from book to book and she pulls it out in this one too.  There is a lot to gather for this one.  Several stories, of Norse, Greek, and Celtic mythology all wrapped up into one.  Because the time frames in history are all so close together, her story of Gods coming here from another world and claiming parts of our world as their own, really does resonate.  Kind of like how you have to belief even if you can’t see the proof, however the story really seems plausible.

In this book we get the final God’s story–Loki.  Cora is the girl he’s been destined for his whole life, but he really tries to stay away until the end because he’s afraid of the monster inside himself.  Cora is the seer that is destined to bring the world back to right and help keep Loki from destroying several worlds.  She isn’t reluctant in her role, she just doesn’t know how she’s supposed to help.  The good part is all the folks in the previous stories are there to help her understand.  Many of which speak to the Gods and are very intuitive.  We see their love for one another as a whole, there isn’t a growing into love in this one. They both know they are destined for each other just as they know magic is real.  The tender way they treat one another and try to make the most of what time they may have left is very romantic.  I mean who doesn’t want to have the Eiffel Tower all to themselves or the most beautiful beach in the world.  I sure would have liked to be on those research trips.

My only misgivings about this book is the number of perspectives she lets tell the story.  There are at least ten characters all trying to tell the story and it makes it very confusing. Several instances I had to back track to refresh my memory on who was telling that portion of the story.  I think it would have been a little bit more enjoyable from fewer perspectives and allowed the reader the opportunity to make some of the story up on their own.  This is also a long read.  An epic novel as we like to call them.  But a fine finish to the series.  I can’t wait to see what the next world she builds is going to be.

4 of 5 Propellers

S. LawrenceConnect with S. Lawrence:

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S. Lawrence was born in a tiny Missouri town which she left right after graduation. She has a BS in Aeronautics and a MS in Conflict Resolution. She served in the USAF where she met her husband. After living all over the US she now resides outside of New Orleans. She has been and is many things to include Scifi junkie, fangirl, and mom.She loves good food, 80’s hairbands, tattoos, and books.

She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance.

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