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Check out BlueSeal’s review to see if Hercules really lives up to his name! 

LaborsofaHero-BTAbout Labors of a Hero:

The only good my parents gave me is my name, Hercules.

I turned zero possibility into firefighting hero.

Now life’s pretty simple.
After all, with classic good looks,
I’m one of Farawayville’s most eligible bachelors.

But when a sassy little ER nurse enters my life, everything gets a lot more complicated.

My new goal? To get into her heart…and her pants.

She challenges me with 12, yes 12, labors to prove I’m worthy of her time.

The quest of a lifetime, for one freaking date, seems ridiculous.

But one look in those eyes, and I’m all in, and hellbent in turning one date into forever.

*Inspired by Hercules

**Each book in The Fairytale Fantasy Series is a stand-alone romantic comedy with slapstick humor and holy moly craziness.


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********BlueSeal’s Review********

This is the third book in Billie Dale’s FairyTale Fantasy Series.   Each book in the series is a stand-alone romantic comedy with slapstick humor and “holy moly craziness.”  With that kind of introduction to the series, I could not resist reading this book, even though it is not my typical genre.  Oh, wait…there are hot public servants (a cop and a fireman) so it does fit my typical genre.

This book is inspired by Hercules so let’s review Greek mythology for a minute.  Hercules was the son of Zeus, king of gods, and the mortal Alcmene which makes him a demi-god with incredible strength and stamina.  Hera, the wife of Zeus, knew of his illegitimate son, Hercules, and sought to destroy him from the very moment of his birth.  At one point, Hera caused Hercules to go mad and kill his own children.  In order to atone for his sins, Hercules had to complete twelve labors.  What we need to remember about Hercules is that he is an example of how everyone, including demi-gods, can conquer the troubles and seemingly impossible tasks that they are faced with.  Enough of the mythology lesson…let’s talk about the book.

Megan is a sassy, smart-mouthed nurse who rotates between Dr. Laddin’s office and the ER.  She once dreamed of becoming a doctor but a life full of fear and hurt changed her dreams and sent Megan and her best friend running to Farawayville.  While working in the ER one night, Megan came face to face with the love child of The Rock and Thor, Hercules “Les” Galen, whose best friend, and chief of police, has been shot.  Les is the fire chief, one of two first responders, and a backup police officer.   Yep, you guessed it Farawayville is a small town.  Les knows that Megan is different from the first time their eyes meet and there is an unfamiliar twist in his stomach.  The problem is, Les’s cheesy pick-up lines and flirty attitude seemingly have no impact on Megan. If he only knew that his voice alone melts Megan’s brain like butter on pancakes.  When he finally asks for one date, Megan tells Les that he must live up to the myth of Hercules and complete her own twelve labors in order to prove that he is worthy of her.

So far, it doesn’t sound like a fairytale.  The main storyline is a typical contemporary romance complete with its twists and turns.  You find the fairytale part in minor things…a store named Geppetto’s Strings, a character named Pinocchio Geppetto who is in jail for lying and stealing, a construction company named Royal Princeps, Dr. Al Laddin, and an older receptionist named Mrs. Ridinghood, just to name a few.  It is when Megan and Les start volunteering at Aesop’s Stables that we meet the fairytale animals…Ms. Piggy, Kermit, Pegasus, Ferdinand, and Bambi.

I really enjoyed this book.  I laughed at the crazy stunts, and I cried when Megan’s past showed up in Farawayville.  Billie Dale has written a great contemporary romance mixed in with some of our favorite childhood fairytale characters.  I give Labors of a Hero 4 out of 5 propellers.   Buy it today!  You will not regret it! 



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About Billie Dale:

Billie Dale lives in no-where middle earth. Lost in a small village in the Midwest with four kids, three animals and an amazing, word inspiring book boyfriend worthy husband.

A blogger by nature and a writer because she got tired of arguing with the voices in her head. She loves and lives the words on the page, whether writing them or reading them her life is consumed by the worlds her head creates.

Her greatest wish is that readers will fall in love with her words as much as she loves writing them and as much as she loves reading others. She loves to create new worlds to explore and loves to write words that will take root in your soul.

Paranormal, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary — there is not one box she fits in. She’s a rebel in the author world who writes what her head tells her even it jumps from genre to genre.

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