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The Love in Chaos

Coming October 1, 2018!

You may think you know Jasper’s story, but you don’t. Not even close…

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There was a time when Jasper Everett had everything he wanted.

One chance.
I believed for everyone there was one chance at great love.
One perfect match.
But mine died.
So, I closed my heart and chased mistakes.
Until a desperate attempt at a relationship lead me back to the beginning.
It was somewhere I never thought I would be, but fate brought me back to her.
And now, I had a second chance with the one woman who was there for it all.
She was my foundation.
She was my mirror.
She was my best friend.
And after everything, I hoped she would be my redemption, too.



“Are you warm enough?” I asked, my hands still trying to create the perfect space for us.

“Almost,” she answered and then pushed my arm down before laying her head on it and moving closer to me. “There, now this is perfect.”

I smiled, looking over at her. It was perfect.

“If you keep staring at me, you’re going to miss the lights.” She offered a small smile.

“Everything I want to see is in your eyes.” I gazed at them. The same bright green in the sky reflected back at me. My hand reached up to brush her cheek.

She was there in my arms and finally mine, and the realization of it all hit me once more. Before I let another second pass by without living my life for every moment I was given, I brought my lips to hers. She responded with her arms wrapping behind me and pulling me closer.

I was brought back to when I was fifteen, lying next to her with a broken arm, as I’d wished on everything I had been able to think of for this moment. It’d been years since then, but I finally had it.

I could have kissed her forever. I would have, too, but we had the rest of our lives for that. Our relationship had been about reclaiming what had been taken from us, missed opportunities, and this was one of them.

I hovered above her, absorbing everything.

How her eyes glowed from the lights above while darkness surrounded us.

The bite from the cold on my face and the heat from the kiss that battled it. Her red nose against her pale cheeks.

The way the air captured each exhale she had to give.

We lay in a place that had seen so many moments between us that conflicted over time, and now they collided in ways that were more beautiful than the display the night sky was showing.



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