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NICUnurse’s Review of Until We’re More by Cindi Madsen

Until We’re More is a standalone book that includes some characters from Ms. Madsen’s book, Until You’re Mine. But it IS truly a standalone so don’t feel like you have to read Until You’re Mine. However, it was also a great book, so I would encourage you to grab your copy HERE and read it!

Until We’re More is Chelsea and Liam’s story. They’ve been best friends for what seems like forever. He’s the first person she turns to when she needs support or just needs to chat. And she’s really the only person Liam can have a decent conversation with. He’s more of a loner, save Chelsea, and it’s simply too people-y outside of his life at the gym. They’ve spent years telling everyone they were JUST FRIENDS, and that was true… until recently. Scared that she’ll always rely on him too much, or ruin their friendship with her less than friendly feelings, Chelsea takes a job in Denver. Now back home six months later in a temporary position, she’s trying really hard to keep her best friend… as her best friend (and not something more). Liam Roth was never one to be known to have an outgoing personality. But he’s always been able to simply be himself with his best friend. On a whim, he invites Chelsea to stay with him while she’s working in San Diego. She’s nice and friendly to a fault, and he’s too intimidating… to everyone BUT Chelsea. Can they preserve their friendship while giving in to their feelings for each other, or will being MORE be too much for them to handle?

NICUnurse’s Rating: Until We’re More is a definite 4.5 propeller read. These two characters are the most unlikely personality types to ever be a couple, yet somehow they just work. Of course, it’s not that simple. It’s a novel so it CAN’T be that simple! But Chelsea and Liam take stubborn to a new level. And did I mention he’s an MMA fighter on his way to winning a belt?? And super hot? Oh… sorry! (Not sorry!) Cindi Madsen writes wonderfully quirky, but loveable, characters in this story, even if you do want to smack them both here and there and tell them to quit being so stubborn!


No spoilers, but they do get their HEA. For contemporary romance fans and sports romance fans alike, this is an entertaining, quick read.


Buy it TODAY! Until We’re More