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Today we have the blog tour for Say A Sweet Prayer by Jennifer Rebecca! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today:

Title: Say A Sweet Prayer

Author: Jennifer Rebecca

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs.

About Say A Sweet Prayer:

The sleepy little New Jersey township has been relatively quiet as plans for the wedding of Claire Goodnite and Wesley O’Connell are in full swing. But when the patrons of the church’s singles group are being picked off one by one and branded with a scarlet letter in blood, Claire and the team put their festivities on hold to track down a killer.


It’s just another case, another day in the life of a police officer until tragedy strikes their small circle of friends. When one of their own becomes one of the victims, how will the group go on? Or more importantly, can Claire survive it?


It’s probably best you say your prayers . . .


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NICUnurse’s Review of Say A Sweet Prayer


Say a Sweet Prayer is book three in the Claire Goodnite series. It can be read as a standalone but you might be lost as far as the relationships between the main characters and Claire’s past if you don’t read the first two books. Book one is Tell Me a Story, and Book two is Tuck Me in Tight. Trust me… they are worth the read!

Claire and Wes’ world is completely rocked in this story. Claire’s grandmother has signed her and Wes up for premarital counseling, and Claire’s friends, Emma and Anna, up for the singles group at her church… along with Claire’s brother who has created this weird love triangle between him and Claire’s best friends. What they don’t know is that there is a serial killer targeting the singles in the church. Can the crew solve the case before it’s too late?

You guys know I give honest reviews by now, so I have to admit that, when I first started reading Tell Me a Story (thanks to Nazarea at Inkslinger PR!), I didn’t think I was going to like this series at all. I love a great romantic suspense, but the first couple of chapters left me wondering if I was going to be able to really appreciate Claire Goodnite’s personality and all her quirks, too. Somewhere between chapters three and four, something clicked and yeah… I just kept reading. Before I knew it, I was on to book two then spent all night reading book three (when I really should have been sleeping)! At this point, I think I’ve figured out who the bad man is, so I’m anxiously awaiting the final installment, which is due to be released in October or November of this year. (C’mon fall!)

NICUnurse’s Rating: I’m going to give 2 ratings here. The first rating is for this book. I give this book 4.5 propellers. I think, of all three books so far, this is the most emotionally draining. And it really has me wondering… and looking forward to the last book. (C’mon fall!) The second rating I’m giving is for the series as a whole. For that, I give it 4 propellers. There are a lot of times I really just wanted to shake Claire for her relationship choices, and I felt like she was moving in circles (emotionally speaking) when I think it would have been a little better of a story to see more moving forward, even if it was just baby steps. Overall, the series has kept me guessing as to who the bad man is, and until book three, I really had no clue. (Guessing who the ultimate bad guy is in romantic suspense is a fun game for me, and I’m always appreciative when an author has me stumped.)

If you love romantic suspense that truly keeps you guessing, a quirky but strong female lead, and a guy who doesn’t give up on the love of his life… no matter what she puts him through… then you will love this series!

Now… C’mon fall!



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About the Author:

Jennifer is a thirty-something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four-letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.


Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also an Alpha Xi Delta.


10 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of an 8-year-old and 6-year-old twins. She can often be found in East Texas on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her Fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals. She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.





Twitter: @JenniRLreads

Instagram: @JenniRLreads



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