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Aint she a peachThe Southern Eclectic series take a turn at what it’s like to look death in the face and survive…

An Atlanta ex-cop comes to sleepy Lake Sackett, Georgia, seeking peace and quiet—but he hasn’t bargained on falling for Frankie, the cutest coroner he’s ever met.

Frankie McCready talks to dead people. Not like a ghost whisperer or anything—but it seems rude to embalm them and not at least say hello.

Fortunately, at the McCready Family Funeral Home & Bait Shop, Frankie’s eccentricities fit right in. Lake Sackett’s embalmer and county coroner, Frankie’s goth styling and passion for nerd culture mean she’s not your typical Southern girl, but the McCreadys are hardly your typical Southern family. Led by Great-Aunt Tootie, the gambling, boozing, dog-collecting matriarch of the family, everyone looks out for one another—which usually means getting up in everyone else’s business.

Maybe that’s why Frankie is so fascinated by new sheriff Eric Linden…a recent transplant from Atlanta, he sees a homicide in every hunting accident or boat crash, which seems a little paranoid for this sleepy tourist town. What’s he so worried about? And what kind of cop can get a job with the Atlanta PD but can’t stand to look at a dead body?

Frankie has other questions that need answering first—namely, who’s behind the recent break-in attempts at the funeral home, and how can she stop them? This one really does seem like a job for the sheriff—and as Frankie and Eric do their best Scooby-Doo impressions to catch their man, they get closer to spilling some secrets they thought were buried forever.

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Fly Girl’s Review:

This is a Southern Eclectic Novel.  In this series we’ve done an audio review of Sweet Tea and Sympathy, the first one, and I’ve reviewed  Peachy Flippin’ Keen.  I wasn’t super thrilled with that one, but it was the start of Frankie’s story and this is the completion.  I definitely recommend reading it before this one.  You miss a lot of the angst between Frankie and the Sheriff if you don’t.  I will say this was a winner for me.  I knew I was going to love Frankie’s story once it was given the time it deserved.  She is by far the most confused of the McCready clan.  I mean that in a kind way, but she is almost 30 still living at home serving in a public office.  A little strange, don’t you think.

Molly gave her character just as much humor as the others in the family, but for some reason I laughed a lot more in this one than the others.  There were so many great quotes I highlighted I really couldn’t choose my favorite.  I mean here is a shorter one in which Frankie is trying to describe the Sheriff and his lack of public profile or info about why he wanted to stay in Sackett Lake, “It’s like he’s in the witness protection program for cranky law enforcement officials.”  I mean really, if you aren’t laughing at that you might want to skip this series.  Anyway, she keeps the dialogue going like that through the whole thing.  Also, where can you go and have a brawl at a kids Trunk or Treat event break out.

Enough about the comedy.  The issues Frankie deals with trying to cut the apron strings with her parents is something I think a lot of young people these days are dealing with.  I know lots of post college kids still living with their parents.  She ends up taking baby steps throughout and ends up feeling stronger and more independent by the end.  Her relationship with the Sheriff is a slow burn and starts out a lot of fun for her, but slowly develops into something she’s willing to make changes to be able to keep.  I like that style of a story.

This one deserves a 5 of 5 propellers.  The story seemed unique to me and was so entertaining I could hardly put it down.  Be sure you read Peachy Flippin’ Keen so you are caught up on the main story lines for this one.  I can’t wait to see who’s story she works on next.  I’m sure Molly’s got a few more in her head for the lake community.

5 of 5 Propellers

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I’m Kentucky-born journalist-turned-church secretary-turned-romance novelist. (That’s the normal career progression, right?) I hold a degree in print journalism from Western Kentucky University. And I like to think as someone who regularly meets deadlines, I’m still using it in some fashion. I live in my small hometown in western Kentucky, where I live with my high school sweetheart/husband and our two children.

I’m the author of almost twenty novels and novellas through Pocket Books, most of them involving vampires and werewolves. My first book, Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, came out in 2009. My most recent title, The Single Undead Mom’s Club was released in October 2015.They are available in print, as e-books and audio books at all major book retailers.

I’m represented by Natanya Wheeler of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. I recently announced the addition of two new titles to my popular Half-Moon Hollow series (Pocket Books) and a new contemporary romance series, currently called the SOUTHERN ECLECTIC series, also to Pocket Books. (From her official website)