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The PrincessFrom the beloved author of The Warlord and The Dark Knight, an emotional, deeply passionate medieval romance

Married and widowed at a tender age, Princess Isabel Plantagenet understands her duty: to wed a new husband chosen by her father for the purpose of consolidating his power. Faulke Segrave, a rogue suspected of high treason whose past wives died under mysterious circumstances, is hardly suitor material, but his piercing blue eyes spark a fire in Isabel that makes her feel oddly safe and deeply curious. Quite a pair they will make, for she has dark secrets of her own that can never see the light of day.

Faulke does not relish this arrangement any more than his bride does, but he can’t deny his attraction to this poised, beautiful woman whose level gaze and strong command make him ache to have her. Her seduction becomes his conquest, even as deception and murderous scheming draw closer, threatening Faulke’s life, his heritage, and his cherished wife.

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Fly Girl’s Review:

I really enjoyed this one.  As you all know I’m the only one that reads Regency or Medieval romances in our group, and I haven’t been able to read one in quite a while now, so this was a real treat.  This took me about 5 or so hours to read all together, but the story moves along quickly and is enjoyable to read.  It looks like it’s been several ears since Elizabeth Elliott last published, so if you’ve read any of her other works, I’m sure you are excited as well.  I have to tell you, I loved her voice as an author.  It was very emotional.  I could feel my self in the clothing with the high collars trying to be as stoic as possible and how breeding and parentage decreed your place in the social stratosphere.

Isabel and Faulkes’ story is passion and court intrigue filled.  She stays away from the full court I’m guessing so she has less details to get right, but the ones she does share with are full of detail and thought that put you in the time and place and convey the mood and privileges of the players. She also shows us all the maneuvering her Father, the King, did to ensure his line survived and survived well.  The alliances and dalliances make it for a very colorful read.  Be prepared to want to keep turning the page.

Another aspect she handled very well was women’s rights, or lack there of.  Although women had no rights in the time frame Elizabeth writes about, she actually gives Isabel a back bone and a gives us a glimpse into how a woman may have been able to weasel some power of her own.  I loved that she wasn’t a submissive woman.  I also like the idea that her new husband allowed her to help him where she could.  She still maintained the distinct men and women’s roles in the story, but she gently makes us feel like it could have been different than we have previously been led to believe.

I’m giving this a 5 of 5 propellers because as per my usual requirements, it has a HEA, there is not cliffhanger, and this one will stay me long after I’ve written this.  It looks like this may be the first in a series she is calling the Plantagenets, so we’ll see more of Elizabeth Elliott I hope.

5 of 5 Propellers


elizabeth elliottConnect with Elizabeth Elliott

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Elizabeth Elliott’s first novel, THE WARLORD, was released in 1995 and became a bestseller that garnered numerous awards and nominations including the Romance Writers’ of America RITA award for Best First Book and Waldenbooks Bestselling Debut Author Award. Her two favorite time periods to read and write about are Regency England and the medieval era.

Subsequent books have featured members of the same families or characters who appeared in previous books. Elizabeth says, “My characters really come to life for me, and every one of them have story to tell. Not all of those stories make it onto paper, but whenever I work on a manuscript, one of the secondary characters always seems to shout louder than the rest that they need a book of their own.”

Her latest book, THE DARK KNIGHT, was released on June 26th, 2012. She is currently at work on her next novel in the medieval series, THE PRINCESS, which also features characters who appear in THE DARK KNIGHT.