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The Foster House

The house is important, and so are you, hexen. The ancient ones foretold this. Yet, we’re still not sure. But we won’t kill you. We have killed before, those that didn’t have the blood. Your ancestors want to protect you; they need to. Blood is the key. He wants your blood.

Peace and harmony must be restored.

A house’s thirst for blood and a family secret are revealed when Alexis, a young empathic law student, inherits her family’s long forgotten estate, The Foster House.

An empathic law student is the key.

When Alexis moves in to The Foster House, she is surrounded by ghosts and a mysterious history. A history that is her legacy. But it’s not just the house she needs to worry about. An evil entity has enlisted the help of an ex-special ops Captain, Brenton Young, to manipulate Alexis’s life for his own dark purposes.

A family legacy will be revealed.

As the FBI, NSA, and local police close in on Brenton Young, Alexis enlists the help of her boss and secret crush, District Attorney, Josh Hampton. Together, can they solve the mysteries of the house and discover what her true legacy really is or will the answers they find lead to more questions & mysteries?

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Mock horror crossed his cute, oval-shaped face, scrunching his button nose.

A snort escaped from me.

“Yes. Junior practically said so at the viewing after I regained consciousness.” Picking up my mug I took a sip, before saying, “Get that gleam out of your eye. The guys are straight, and you know it. Besides, Ash is the best thing that could’ve happened to you.”

“I know. Your cousins are just hot.”

My gaze followed a customer who stalked past as I took another taste of my hot chocolate.

“I would’ve had fun.” He grinned as I glared back at him.

“You would have. There was one thing that happened that shocked me.” Setting down my mug, I tugged off a bit of the blueberry muffin popping it into my mouth.

“What’s that?”

“Josh helped me.”

Zak’s brow lifted as a smirk touched the corners of his eyes. I’d seen this expression before. He was calculating something. “Who’s Josh?” Zak asked, leaning forward. “Wait––you mean Josh Hampton, the District Attorney of Charisma? What––you’re on a first name basis now?”

“Yes––the boss,” I whispered.

“Well, he’s not your direct supervisor, so he’s not your boss. He just runs the office.” He chuckled. “What did your boss do, pray tell?” Zak winked.

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Within the upgrade of Her Legacy comes not only new chapters, and deleted scenes but also the long awaited first chapter of Bloodties book two in the Foster House Legacy Series. But before I give you the cover I’ll share some graphics that you’ll want for your journey into The Foster House

Are you Friend or Foe? Family or Knight?

 Guardian or Guarded

How will you decide?

Coming Soon!!!

A family secret has been revealed.

During a siege on the Foster House, Alexis is locked in the attic of her family’s mansion with her boyfriend, District Attorney, Josh Hampton. After reading from a long-lost book, Alexis’ legacy is revealed. Her ancestors were witches, and Alexis is the last of her line.

A Knight will learn his true purpose.

Ex-special ops Captain Brenton Young learns his final mission had been a set-up. Orders were changed, at the last minute, from an observe mission to a retrieval mission that lead to Brenton having to make a gut-wrenching choice. There was no way to won. Now he has a chance to truly right the wrong and take his rightful place beside the other Knights who protect Alexis from evil.

An empathic law student must train.

Alexis must learn how to use all of her abilities now that they have been revealed to her. Her training won’t be easy. It could kill her.

The Foster House

Knight, you must save your energy. You will need it. Your friends may be lost to you, but you must fight the darkness within. Tristan poured his family’s evil into you and your friend, over there. Deep down, you know what your mission has always been. It was never to serve Tristan. Think, and use the powers within you. Remember your history. Remember your true nature, your true mission.

About the Author:

Teresa Crumpton writes dark supernatural thrillers along with poetry, romance and short stories. She’s been writing since she was a kid but never thought about being a writer until now. Teresa’s first novel in the Legacy Series is a haunting ghost story with a little rumored family history within the pages.

Teresa Crumpton grew up in Cincinnati and Dallas/Ft. Worth, making her a hybrid midwest and southern girl. She has five siblings (all half or step), which always makes for a boisterous Christmas while traveling.

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