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Releasing March 15th! The next book in her Remember When series:

Trip 1 FOR WEB

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I turned my truck up North Road and was stopped at the gate house. The man inside slid the glass window open and said, “’Afternoon. Where ya headed?”

“Wilmington. One-oh-one North.”

“Ah. The old Calloway place. You working or visiting?”

“Neither. Both. I uh… I live there.” I held my hand out toward him. “Trip Wilmington. I guess we’ll be seeing each other around, huh?”

His expression turned amused as he shook my hand. “I’m Peter Clarke, but everyone up here in The Hills calls me Big Pete. Nice to meet you.” He reclaimed his hand and added, “But I’m still going to have to call up to your house and confirm that you are who you say you are.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

It wasn’t thirty seconds before Pete hung up with my mother and opened the gate. “Welcome to the neighborhood, Trip. See you around.”

“Sure thing, Pete.”

I gave him a salute and wove my truck up the long, winding road, peeking at the massive houses visible through the trees. All the homes in Norman Hills were apparently built with seclusion in mind. I hadn’t been able to get a clear line of sight at too many of them while driving, but I was sure that even on foot, the entire neighborhood would be obscured by the woods.

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