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Graphite by Anne Leigh

Cover design: Mae I Design & Photography

Release date: February 2018


Bishop Cordello lived by one rule: WIN. He never lost a critical game, never failed a class, never had a girl turn him down. He’s been able to shift everyone’s attention to his wins instead of them digging into his past.

Kara Chamberlane’s laser-like focus in everything that she did was what set her apart from everyone else. Growing up under the weight of her family name was not easy, but she never allowed anyone to dampen her optimism.

The funny thing about life – it’s unpredictable.

When Bishop and Kara are brought together by a college class, neither of them could control the chemistry that sparked between them.

But what if their attraction could destroy the stability of the lives that they’d carefully built? What if being together pushed everyone else they loved apart?

How do you justify loving someone who rearranges your whole world?

Sometimes the greatest loves aren’t the ones that withstand the test of time.

Sometimes…they are the ones that break under the weight of unimaginable loss.

*This is a standalone new adult sports romance*

Graphite teaser