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A Raven’s Heart: An Anthology Of Love

(Charity Poetry Collection Benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital & Wounded Warrior Project)

Collaboration of these Authors and Poets of Elias Raven’s ‘The Raven Cave’
Kasey Hill, Kimberly Cortez, Julie Beckford, Crystal Kennedy Stroyanoff, Eunice Jáquez, Iris Magyar, Leah Negron, Maggie Cotton, Lynn Wolff, Girty Thompson, Teresa Crumpton, Vivetia Adams, Laura Batton, Darcey Tilford, Lynn Stevenson, Athena Kelly, Carrie-Ann Hume, Anna Pella, Missy Harton, Sherry Morris , Sharon Johnson, Tracy Leroux , Denise Jury, D.M. Purnell, Daphne Caldwell, Angel Wings, Lea Winkelman, Elias Raven

It is a time for giving and a time for loving. Spreading cheer and good fortune to all those in need through compassion and empathy is what we were designed to do as human beings. The poets bound within these pages bled their ink, voiced their hearts, and poured their love out so those less fortunate could gain. Elias Raven’s fan group, The Raven Cave, came together to promote the most wonderful promise of light and love: the gift of giving. A Raven’s Heart: An Anthology of Love is a collection of poems each poet donated to this wonderful charity anthology put together by AP Publishing. What better way to spread cheer than offering up a piece of yourself so others may have a fleeting chance at staying warm during the cold nights of winter or receiving a surgery free of charge that otherwise couldn’t be paid for.

 The law of GIVING is very simple:
If you want joy,
If love is what you seek,
If you crave material affluence,
Become prosperous.
—Deepak Chopra

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