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Note from NICUnurse:

This year the Wickedcoolflight Crew decided to do a little different post for Thanksgiving. I brought up the idea because it’s been a really rough year for me, personally, and I wanted a reminder of all the good that’s been there this year along with the bad. So here goes!

From Teresa:

I’m thankful for the love and support I get each and every day from family and friends I consider family. Especially when they put up with my bitchiness while I’m on deadline or in the middle of a scene and haven’t eaten when I should have. Having the crew by my side and taking Wickedcoolflight to the next level has been amazing and not what I thought it would be like or that it would grow as it has. I’m so thankful Fly Girl and NICUNurse were willing to come on board and expand the blog, and trust me when I say, we’re not finished. They have become my sounding board on so many things, and now it’s like I have a third sister with NICUNurse (Fly Girl pretty much has been a sister for 10 years).
To our Passengers, I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with us as we keep adding, changing and growing as a brand. Along with all the interactions you have with us on social media and at events. It’s your support that makes us want to add new ideas to our post and to branch out to authors we might not normally read or interact with. So thank you!
That brings me to our writers, the crew and I are so thankful you do what you do. Not only do you give us an outlet to share what we love about your writing to our Passengers who might not know you but you also bring inspiration to me and make me want to be a better author as well. We couldn’t do this without you so keep up the awesome work so we can spread the love we have for it with others.
From FlyGirl:
I’m thankful for the family, and friends I consider family, that love and support me just the way I am.  WickedCoolFlight has become one of the things I hold dear for the value we bring to our Passengers and the wealth of knowledge I gain from my partners and the new friends I have made through this endeavor.  May we all say thank you to our own support systems and keep the belief that things can always be better if we work together and have compassion for the people around us.  I’m thankful for every day that I get to tell my loved ones how much I care.
To our writers, our Flight Crew could not do this without you and appreciate the heart and soul you provide to us with each publication.  We promise to honor you with each review we post.
To our Passengers, we at WickedCoolFlight are so very Thankful for your continued support on this great journey we share.  We appreciate your feedback whether through likes, shares, following, or comments; please keep them coming.

(FlyGirl also wanted me to share this):

From Craig L. Gilchrist, U.S. Marshals Service-Veterans Affinity Group Chairman

May the road traveled, this week, bring family and friends together to share joy and peace with each other.  May that joy and peace be contagious among those who spend more time angry over the differences than celebrating the similarities with each other.  May we enter this Holiday Season with gratitude and humility for ALL we really do have and enjoy. May God CONTINUE to bless you, your family and GOD Bless America.

From NICUnurse:

First, and foremost, I’m thankful for my family. I come from a large extended family and, for the most part, despite large age differences and physical distances, we’re close. Unfortunately, we’ve suffered huge losses this year. While it’s been emotionally challenging to keep moving forward, it’s made me realize how special my family is, and how special my family members are to me. And family isn’t always related by blood. Sometimes, family are those we hold dear in our hearts. My fellow Crew members are sisters from other misters, and I love them dearly. They’ve been the biggest encouragers, shoulders to cry on, and ears to listen to me this year. They’ve blessed my life in so many ways over the years, but this year they’ve been two of the biggest blessings. We all 3 come from different backgrounds, and if you were to meet us separately, you’d never believe we’d have ended up to be the best of friends. But somehow, some way it works.

And that brings me to how thankful I am for our blog and how it’s brought me into this book world on a new level this year. I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people through this book world. Honestly, with all the bad, this has truly been the bright spot for me. It’s been a crazy, amazing, wild ride, but I’m not sure I’d have been able to get through without all the positive thoughts, fun times, and loving support from you guys. To our passengers (readers) and listeners, I’m beyond thankful for your support as you guys are the reason our blog is growing like it is. I’m so excited to see where this takes us in the coming year! Look for some really awesome things coming from Wickedcoolflight guys! And to our authors, I’m thankful for the opportunities you give us to glimpse into your lives, read your stories, and for your trust that we’ll do right by you in all we do. We will continue to strive to do our absolute best for you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m thankful for my immediate family… my husband and my 4 kiddos. When my Crew members asked me to come on board, and then convinced me to attend RT back in May of this year, I was certain my husband was going to think I had really lost it this time! But he’s been my biggest supporter. He supports my dreams, continually encourages me along this journey, and is pushing me to return to school so I can continue to pursue my desire to be a great editor and blogger. My kids think it’s awesome that I get to do what I do in the book world and they get excited about all the amazing opportunities I’m getting to be a part of. My oldest daughter spends hours (and many texts) listening to me go on and on about books and shares my excitement each time a new opportunity presents itself. (She’s over 18 so it’s a bonus that I can share more details about my books with her, too!) And they all proudly display their Wickedcoolflight logo items and beg for more!


From all of us that are a part of the Wickedcoolflight Crew and our families, we wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. May the food be plentiful, the joy abound, and the scales be stationary!