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Honey gold Midnight Release

For Addie Smith and Tom Sutton, Savannah is a cold reminder of murder, envy, and deceit. Prom night nearly killed them both. And with Daniel gone, their lost souls are all that remain.

Broken and desperate, Addie clings to the hope of a blissful summer in Tom’s arms. But Tom is battling demons of his own, as he reckons with his true identity, inevitably pushing Addie away.

When DeMilo escapes from prison, Addie fears for her life. As she flees to Atlanta for safety, Tom strikes a deadly bargain with DeMilo. One that just might get him killed.

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***********************NICUnurse’s Review of Honey Gold**************************

I was asked to provide an honest review for this book. Since it’s the second book in a series, I also read the first book, Emerald Green, in order to be up to speed on all that goes on in this book. In the first book, the author did a good job of developing the main characters throughout the book. Since it’s a romantic suspense story, she also did a good job of not giving all the backstory to the characters right away. The twists and turns were mostly page-turning, as well. Overall, it left me interested enough to read book 2. Unfortunately, I didn’t think book 2 was as well done. The main characters are the same, for the most part. There was an addition of only a couple of new characters, and that was a bit disappointing. The most disappointing to me, though, was the fact that the storyline seemed to just circle around to be more of the same story from book 1. I was hoping for more from this book than I got. There was also a part where the setting moves from Savannah, GA, up to Atlanta, GA. Now, I was born and raised in and around the Atlanta area. So when she had the characters go eat at The Varsity and then described it as a sit-down restaurant, the author nearly lost me completely. If you guys didn’t catch our live review last week, please take some time to listen in. We talked a lot about research. Yes, these are fiction books. But if you are going to be specific about anything in a book that actually exists, take some time to do your research. A quick 2-minute Google search would have shown that The Varsity is a fast food restaurant that has never been a sit-down establishment. It’s small details like these that will make or break a reader’s desire to continue with the book. It’s even more important in a series. You don’t want to lose readers after book 1!


Now, I will say that I believe this author has talent. I just think she needs to spend a little more time doing research, and I believe she needs to add something new to the storyline that is well thought out and well planned out. You want to see some fresh new faces and you want a bit more with additions to the mystery. At times it felt like a twist just didn’t quite make sense, either.


I hate to give reviews less than 4 propellers, but I have to give this a 3 propeller rating. It didn’t hold my interest like Emerald Green did, and at times, I had to make myself continue reading until the end. With that said, I’ve read another book by this author and liked it a little better. I think she’s got talent enough, if she’s willing to listen to advice from others, that we’ll see some 4 and 5 star works from her in the future.

Emerald Green

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