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Note from NICUnurse: My apologies for the delay in getting this review post up for you guys.  My father is gravely ill and I’m a bit behind.  Thank you to Anne Leigh for the patience, friendship, and support during this time.

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A woman in the eye of danger…

When Athena Bridges signed up for college, her plans were to make new friends and collect experiences. These did not include being caught in the raging war between the government and a powerful drug lord.

A man on the brink of redemption…

Webb Worthington didn’t plan on falling in love again…especially NOT with the woman he’s supposed to protect.

But when love has a clear shot, it aims, fires, and to hell with consequences.

When the stakes become nuclear and they’re faced with unimaginable loss, they have to choose between giving up or fighting with everything they’ve got.

*This is the conclusion to W, the mesmerizing love story that has swept the hearts of readers.

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*********************************NICUnurse’s Review*******************************

“A” is book 2 of the “W” duet. In book 1, we left off with Athena’s kidnapping and this is where “A” picks up. Webb has been detained and Liam is too late to rescue Athena, so they set out to find her. Since they are awesome guys and great at what they do, they find her, rescue her, and Webb is there for her nonstop from then on. While book 1 built up the suspense and action, book 2 focuses more on their love story. We finally find out the entire story of Webb’s tragic past. And we see both Webb and Athena working together to heal as individuals and build their relationship based on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There are a few surprises, but definitely a happily ever after! Both of these characters have endured so many struggles in the past that it’s not surprising the bond with each other they create. “A” is the beautiful conclusion to a beautiful love story. Just what us Anne Leigh fans have come to love and expect from her books! She writes strong, but vulnerable heroes and heroines who work hard and fight hard for their relationships.

For those of you who like action in your romance, you’ll find it in this duet. It’s a bit of action, suspense, and HEA all rolled into one story over two books. This author is a bit of a perfectionist and very proprietary of her stories and it shows in her writing. These books are well thought out and well written. I give it 5 propellers!

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