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Clever as the Devil cover

“Clever as the Devil” review by NICUnurse


Wickedcoolflight was contacted by the author and asked to review this book.


This book is the first I’ve read by this author.  It is a novella length romantic suspense and the first in her Kimber Cassidy series.  Kimber is a big, beautiful gal working towards her PI license. She’s smart, sassy, sarcastic and tenacious.  She’s a bit adrift in her life at this moment in time, though. Kimber gets caught up in a murder mystery after a one night stand with a man she meets in a bar on the anniversary of her father’s death.


This was a quick, quirky read.  There were a few parts that were slightly out of my comfort zone and not normal for what I read, but that’s 100% personal.  It has NOTHING to do with what I thought of the writing or the storyline.  This would be more up Teresa’s alley than mine. With that said, though, I will tell you that I thought the writing was good and the reading was fast-paced.  There were a few things that I would have liked to see a little better developed with or explained with a minor character or two, but for a novella length book, I felt the character development was good. I really liked Kimber’s wit and how her brain works.  There are a few reviews that state that the “who” in the “who dunnit” was a surprise, but I was able to figure it out before the big reveal.  But then, I read a LOT of romantic suspense.  However, it did keep me guessing for quite a while through the story, but I tend to pay attention to the small details and think it through pretty thoroughly. I’m going to give this book a 4 propeller rating.  I’m an editor, so I think there are some things that could have been a bit better, but all in all, it’s a good book for the price point.


If you aren’t into reading about characters who have alternative lifestyles, this book may not be for you, though.  However, if that’s something you like or don’t mind, this is a quick, fun read that I think you’ll like.  The author also has a few other books that, if you like this one, you’ll definitely want to check out.


Thank you to the author, Judith Anderson, for taking the time to reach out to Wickedcoolflight for the review opportunity.

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