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Book 2 The Adams series


Ireland Adams wants more, and he’s driven to get it. More satisfaction, more excitement, more happiness. But what he doesn’t find in his career or entertainments, he finds in Audra. She’s everything he’s been searching for and never knew it. But accusing her father—his boss—of deceitful business practices was no way to win her over. Now, even grand romantic gestures may not be enough to get her back.
Audra Christiana enjoys her fulfilling, well-ordered life and has no plans to change anything about it. But when Ireland steps into it, there’s nothing she can do to prevent him from flipping her world upside down.


EXCERPT ~ Apology ~

A tall man in a light gray suit, tailored to fit over a muscular frame, stood just inside the door, with his back to her, running a finger over a hanging blanket. Probably looking for a gift for someone. Even before he turned, she felt a shiver of apprehension.

Ireland Adams.

Her behavior last night came immediately to mind, bringing with it the flush of embarrassment and the simmering heat of an anger she couldn’t quite justify. The prick to her pride at having this anger in the first place, when it had been her mother she was mad at, riled her even now.

“Can I help you?”

Ireland turned. Unsmiling, he fixed her with a calculating hazel stare that increased her erroneous annoyance. His eyes were slightly darker today, leaning more toward golden brown, than the green that had complimented his black suit last night. She pushed the annoyance back, along with the appreciation of his good looks, and offered him a small smile, watching his gaze flick to her mouth, then back to her eyes.

“Yes,” he said.

When he didn’t elaborate, she licked her lips. His eyes followed.

“Are you going to tell me what it is you’re looking for?” she asked when he still hadn’t spoken.

“You. I’m looking for you.”

She couldn’t have said why that statement sounded dangerous, but she found herself taking a cautious step backward. Maybe it was the tenor of his voice. A deep, feral tone she was probably imagining.

“I want to talk to you,” he said.

When he didn’t elaborate, she wondered if he was on something. He seemed detached. Puzzled.

“About?”  She hoped he wasn’t here to tell her he was suing her for assault.

“Nothing in particular,” Ireland said. “I thought I’d go over it in the car on the way here. Nothing came to me until now.”

Audra felt herself blink her confusion. What was he talking about? “And?”

“And now I’m thinking I’d like an apology.”


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