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Hunter Book CoverUSA Today Bestselling Author, Erin Bedford, brings you a modern day Beauty and the Beast with a bad boy twist!

Belle found her happy ending, or did she?

It was like a fairy tale. A handsome misunderstood prince with more money than he knew what to do with and he wanted her. A plain bookworm with a penchant for numbers. She should be happy, right? Then why couldn’t she get that cocky grin out of her head and her heart?

He made a mistake. We all make them. But this one cost him the only woman he ever loved. Now she’s with him. A monster hiding behind a pretty face and fancy words. He won’t let him have her even if it means becoming a beast himself.

This is a standalone novella, with a HEA and no cliffhanger!

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Fly Girl’s Review:

I definitely liked this book.  It is actually an erotic fairytale based loosely off the Beauty and the Beast fairytale we are all so familiar with.  However, the ending is not what you would expect.  This is the first erotic novel I’ve read, or rather listened to, and let me tell you it was erotic.  She and the narrators know how to spread sexual tension from the pages to the listener.  This was a very short read (or listen) and definitely not for teenagers.  I only say that as many of you know I read a lot of Young Adult fiction and I don’t want to misrepresent this one.

Erin takes you between the fine lines of a modern day fairytale and an old world telling with monsters and magic.  I loved the way the monster in the story could have been either man in Isabel’s life and in some ways they both were.  I also liked the way withholding sex had almost the same effect on Isabel as being offered sex, both highlighted her need for physical touch.  The story took a strange turn when you find out the secret her fiance is keeping and that sort of seals his fate.  Because there isn’t a lot of other distractions in the novel, I don’t want to say much more so it doesn’t ruin the ending for you.  But believe me Isabel gets her man and her HEA.

In the land of fairytales, there is a twist and you get from start to finish quickly (no pun intended) without too much extra action and a simple story.  I actually can’t wait until the next one comes out.  I’m sure it will be just as juicy and fun as this one was.  Erin, thanks for the introduction to erotic romance.  It was a good start and makes me yearn for more.

Fly Girl’s Review:  5 of 5 Propellers!!

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Erin Bedford is a USA TODAY Bestseller author. She works as a computer programmer by day and is an avid a hobby hoarder. She enjoys playing RPG games alongside her husband as well as inventing nonsensical games for her daughter’s amusement. Erin lives in the Omaha Nebraska Region and dreams of one day moving where the word snow is nonexistent.

Creating fantastical worlds have always been a secret passion of hers and she couldn’t imagine writing any story without some kind of lovey-dovey or smexy goodness in it.

Contact Erin at erin@erinbedford.com