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Hey everyone!  NICUnurse here with my very first solo, live author interview.  Molly is an extremely talented author and I highly recommend her EDGE series!  Check out our interview and then scroll down for some teasers for her newest EDGE book, Edge of Regret.  I totally binge read the entire series in 2 days, it was so good!  And check back here on Tuesday, June 20th for release day fun and buy links!


Coming Tuesday, June 20th!!!

And check out this awesome video!

Prolgue Teaser

“Hey,” I said, spinning Casey to face me again. “You’re lucky you drew my name out of the hat.” I tugged on the shoulder straps of his chute, doing one final check.

“Remind me why again?” he asked, eyeing the white puffs of clouds that surrounded the plane as we neared our jump height.

“Well, let’s review the facts.” I held up my fingers to tick off the reasons. “If you’d drawn Connell’s name, you’d be two hundred feet under a constantly moving ocean likely exploring a sunken ship that could collapse on you at any second.” His eyes widened and a shudder visibly shook him. “If you’d drawn Easton,” I continued, holding up another finger, “you’d be two hundred feet deep in the earth, in some god-forsaken cave in search of a mythical treasure that no doubt has some legendary sect protecting the shit out of it.” He pressed his lips together, nodding. “And, fuck, if you’d drawn Dash?” I shook my head, holding up the next finger. “You’d literally be running for your life from a damned tornado.”

“You have a point,” he said, punching my shoulder. “Guess none of those things are something tourists pay to do, like this.”

I grinned, dropping all my fingers except for the middle one. “Exactly. Safe as kittens.”


Disclaimer: This image was created by one of Molly’s amazing fans and was not a work of WCF