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Heart of Ice
Frozen & Freaky: An Erotic Fairy Tale (Book 1)
12,300 words

Once upon a time, I was a girl, not a queen. Sadly, girls grow up to face their destiny, face hidden truths. I was cursed with the power to shoot frozen water from my fingers. My kingly father was forced to tell me who I really was. In all honesty, even he didn’t know.

In my parents eyes, I was an afflicted daughter. In my own reflection, I saw a conflicted young woman, fear and emotions running wild. Though society cared not. They expected a queen. I knew if they ever saw my powers, I’d be deemed an evil troll. I’d be burned at the stake. If only I could get through my coronation without showing my true self, I’d be alright.
If only…

Warning: This 12,300 word adult fairy tale contains graphic language, erotic situations, and is a story for adults (18+).