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On May 5th during RT we had an amazing opportunity to meet and interview the founders of PASSIONFLIX. You ask, “What is PASSIONFLIX?”  Here is a quick rundown.

It’s NETFLIX for women. This is an online, streaming content, media company that is providing entertainment for women by women.  There are several parts to their project including:  securing rights to older programming of movies, and entertainment shows; filming new movies based on popular romance novels; creating new shows based on what the viewers want.  Some of the new content is movies, reality television, and some series.

Joany Kane, Jina Panebianco, and Tosca Musk, as the founders, have been working feverishly to make this a reality and have already completed filming a couple of projects that will start right away when the service goes live in September this year. They are going to revolutionize the way Hollywood thinks and how much weight they give to the female audience when this is in full swing.  But more on that later, right now we just want you to know about it and give you an opportunity to be one of the first members of the service which comes with some great perks.  They are taking “Founding Membership” sign ups at the link below.

In the coming weeks we will be showcasing a few things that are happening in the PASSIONFLIX world.

The streaming commences in September 2017, so be sure you get in on the “Founding Membership.”

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