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Happy book birthday to Lexi Lawton on the release of her debut novel, Trusting Tanner!



NICUnurse’s Review of “Trusting Tanner” by Lexi Lawton

I was asked to give an honest review so here it is…. *drum roll sound*

This is the debut novel by this author. The story, as a whole, was a good one. There were parts that really frustrated me and characters that really frustrated me, but this was not my story to tell, just a story for me to read. So I’m really trying hard not to let my frustration color this review. Just because portions weren’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean someone else won’t love the entire thing. The writing was very good and the author wrote in a way that pulled you into the story from the beginning. She did that so well that even during the frustrating parts, I didn’t want to stop reading because by then I really, REALLY wanted to know how this all ended! This book covered a topic or two that I lived as a young adult and she did it in a way that showed the heroine grow in character and in strength, even when I wanted to totally knock some sense into her. Which just goes to show us readers that, even when the story isn’t going how we THINK it should, the author can still surprise us. I actually really liked that the hero and heroine worked through the trust issues even before the big expose (even if I saw that part coming from a mile away). I’m going to give this book 4 propellers. First, because it was a good story. Second, because the writing was good and everything flowed together well. It didn’t feel choppy or make me feel lost. And third, because she did have the characters work through an issue without relying on the big expose to change everyone’s mind. I really liked that part. I am holding back a bit because she is a debut author and like all authors, I believe she’s going to improve her craft as her career moves forward and I do look forward to seeing that growth and improvement. If you like a quick read with a good bit of angst, this book is definitely for you!