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About the book: Miss Samantha Hastings, headstrong sister of the deceased Earl of Hastings wants no man to run her life, especially not Lord Benjamin Westwood, her brother’s best friend and her supposed guardian. With a long season of eager suitors waiting, Samantha dreams of escape. Unable to fight his growing attraction, Benjamin proposes a marriage of convenience. When they discover the Earl’s disappearance was due to foul play, Samantha is in grave danger and Benjamin is running out of time to save the one woman he truly loves.

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4 out of 4 Propellers

So I have to give a big apology to Alyssa Drake.  She asked me if I’d do a review several months ago and I said yes, read it right away, and then got a bit distracted by life and this one got put on the back burner.  It wasn’t because I couldn’t figure out what to write or because I was trying to figure out if I liked it; No it was plain and simple LIFE.

So, I’m back at it and I want to give a great big shout out to her, because this was great for a first novel.  I can’t believe how addictive this book was.  The only problem I had was the end, I wanted it to keep going…  No cliff hanger, just keep going!!

Ok, so that was the bad part.  The rest was good.  She was witty, her characters were strong, the relationship was built properly and the mystery had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This was a quick read, maybe 4-5 hours and has some sex and violence in it so for mature readers.  Sometimes first novels tend to have a bit of awkwardness to them that gets worked out as they continue to write.  Alyssa Drake had none of that in this novel.  She is very talented.

I did have a pretty good idea who it was about half way through, but I still wanted to see how it turned out because the culprit in my mind still didn’t fit the picture in my head.  There were some really funny parts also, like when Samantha is in the tree and he climbs up just to reassure her.  And stepping on the partners toes on the dance floor.  Or the bickering between Benjamin and his brother.

The suspense is killing me, I simply can’t wait until the next one comes out and hopefully Alyssa will give me a chance to read that one and do another review, as well as, maybe show off her cover for book two.  Alyssa, I hope you are listing because this “Fly Girl” is interested in more of your work.  So for all of that, you really should check her book out.

Lose yourself in Wiltshire.

“This book is Pride & Prejudice with sizzle and shock! Alyssa Drake mastered the era with so much grace! The way she incorporated the period into the plot was fantastic! This was up there with Jane Austin in that classic sense, but with snap and saucy spice! So well written I don’t know where to start!” – Historical romance author, Nicole Strycharz

“I cannot wait for book two!! This needs to be a TV series or something! Dark, sexy, mystery, romance. Oh Lordy, Ms. Drake can write some books!” -The Romance Reviews, Angeli

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EBooks are available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobu and Apple iBooks. Paperback copies are available for $12.99. Alyssa Drake lives in the Bay Area and is available for interviews. Request a copy of A Perfect Plan by contacting Alyssa at alyssadrakenovels@gmail.com.

Richmond, CA.  – September 29, 2016 – In 2015 over 421,000 riders used BART as their weekday means of transportation in the Bay Area, hidden among them, author Alyssa Drake. Inspired by the Amtrak Residency program, Alyssa applied the essence of Amtrak’s idea to her daily commute. The result: A Perfect Plan: Wiltshire Chronicles, released by Dream Big Publishing on May 20, 2016. This is her first historical romantic-suspense novel.

“I love the concept of uninterrupted writing, allowing creativity to flow along with the subtle clack of train wheels,” stated Alyssa. “However, as mother of three, traveling the country by train is more of a fantasy than a possibility. I will admit there are times when I hope the door will slide open to reveal Wiltshire instead of the station.” The experiment, which began with a two week trial period, grew into a two full-length novels. The second of which is pending its release date.

Local author employs modified version of Amtrak’s Residency program on BART.

Alyssa Drake

Author Alyssa Drake has been creating stories since she could read, preferring to construct her own bedtime tales instead of reading the titles in her bookshelves. Enraptured with all types of writing, Alyssa has tried her hand at short stories, collaborations and poetry. However, her first love has always been books. She thoroughly enjoys strong heroines and often laughs aloud when visualizing conversations between her characters.


Alyssa graduated from the University of the Pacific, with a B.S. in business and a concentration in French literature. Currently she resides in Northern California with her blended family, where she works full-time at a chocolate factory.

She believes everyone is motivated by love of someone or something. One of her favorite diversions is fabricating stories about strangers surrounding her on public transportation. Alyssa can often be found madly scribbling notes on a train or daydreaming out the window as the scenery whips past.

A Perfect Plan is Alyssa’s first full-length novel. Her sophomore novel, An Imperfect Engagement, is awaiting its release date.