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Break: A Dark Angels MC Novel (Book 1)

61,000 words

Before the Dark Angels MC, the Black Widows spun their twisted web into my life. It was back when the country fell apart. Gangs took over, rising up in anger. Blade became more than just a name, it was carved into my soul.

I lost my love, therefore I lost every damn thing that mattered. With nothing left to lose, I was ready to die. That’s when she came into view. Bristol Clark was my reason to live. Bristol Clark was my reason to fight.

Warning: This 61,000 word story contains graphic language, unfiltered bikers, edgy sex, hard action, and is NOT a safe space (18+).



Break is A.M.’s second book but first in her Dark Angels Series. Now I know some may not like MC stories, I’m going to tell you now normally the only one I read is Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders since they were introduced in her Hard Ink Series. With that said A.M. didn’t write a MC novel that I was expecting.

For the ones I have tried to get into, i.e. read/listened to one book maybe two but never kept reading, they all had the good guy plot line. Meaning the bikers did some shady things – gambling, races, etc but they also used their not so legal activities to help those in need. They weren’t true outlaws. Break is not that type of MC book. You’ll see the dirty ugly side of MC life. This gang does every horrible thing you can imagine and takes it ten steps further. So if you can’t handle the nasty side of life, the things nightmares are made of or that go bump in the night this is not a book for you.

However, if you can work your way past the fear, the turning in your stomach and cussing out A.M. for writing such a gritty story, you will see beyond the surface of this MC story to a dystopian novel.

No joke, Break is the gritty, nasty dystopian story that Hunger Games and Divergent didn’t touch. Do you remember the T.V. series Revolution? Take that and make it darker and lawless. What’s interesting is A.M. actually take issues that we, in the US, see on the news frequently as of the last two to three years and creates anarchy. The beginning reminds me of the movie The Purge, because all hell has broken loose and anyone that has anything to do with law enforcement and military is on the chopping block.

Can you imagine? Unfortunately I can, because in some respects the States has seen/heard about it on the news, the last few years. It’s truly a scary thought and part of the reason I’m not to keen on returning.

So if the world you know goes to hell and everyone you love is most likely dead what would you do? This is the primeous of Break, Blade, a motorcycle cop, is put in the worst situation possible. The States, within two or three days, goes from a country of laws, morals and fairly decent conduct to a lawless land of chaos. This cop has to try not to betray his morals to save those he can as he seeks revenge for his murdered wife. Not betraying everything he’s ever stood for is a hard pill Blake sometimes has to swallow. It’s heartbreaking at times seeing his struggle, knowing it’s killing him a little every time he has to choose revenge, life, justice, or protecting those in the same situation.

His power is gone and there’s not much he can do except play a dangerous game to gain his freedom. As a cop however he wants to save as many people he can, one of those is a girl named Bristol, and eighteen year old woman who’s caught his attention.

Bristol’s story is a hard one to stomach, here is where A.M. brings about the worst nightmares you can imagine. For me it brought up some issues I prefer to leave buried in my past. For so young of a woman, who’d been very sheltered growing up she is actually very strong both mentally and physically. She’s able to push past all the bad and find the good that could still be in the world. (She really does remind me of my younger self)

I know I’ve painted a picture that maybe more horror and less likely that you’ll read Break but I promise even with all the dark grittiness of this story you’ll be glad you read it. It will make you look at the world in a new light and say I never want this to happen. So please take a chance and pick up this non-traditional MC novel. I promise you won’t regret it.

Author Bio

A.M. Ryder is an American author who loves to tell a good story with plot, flow and character.

A.M stives to deliver an enjoyable reading experience with elements such as edge, sex, and plot twists.

Always within the romance genre, book themes vary from dark to dramatic to comedic, ranging in subject from paranormal, MC, rock stars and many other worlds for readers to enjoy.

You can contact A.M. Ryder at: amryderauthor@gmail.com