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That’s right today is Part 3 of Belle and Jacob’s Interview. As yesterday was Sharon & Elias’s final day of written questions (13 pages) today the fun is the last day of Belle & Jacob’s. Now Belle & Jacob didn’t have as many questions, their interview was only 7 pages long, mainly because I hadn’t read the book while I was asking questions. Needless to say Elias was asking if I somehow got a sneak peek at Letters before it was ready.

Those questions have been set aside for the books that follow. 😉



T: Have you thought about staying in the service and making it a career?

J: I’ve thought about it Teresa. It really depends on what happens during my tour of duty. I know a lot of guys will be released from the service, after the war is over. If I make it a career, it has to be something I feel very strongly about, but more importantly, a decision that Belle and me make together. It will affect her as much as me and I have to be sure that she wants that for our family as well.

T: How has the war changed you?

B: It’s made me value life so much more. Time if fleeting and memories are precious and we should never take anything for granted. So many people of this generation, take so much for granted in this great country of ours. Jay and I still don’t have a television set or a new car, but that’s ok, because we have each other and that’s what matters most. Although, I did hear Jay tell my dad, he was thinking of getting us one next Christmas. I’ve only watched a few television programs at a friend’s house and I really enjoyed it.

J: Now that I’m in the Army, it’s made me see things a lot differently. Like Belle said, I stopped taking for granted, that things were going to go the way we wanted. What we thought would happen, has been drastically different. Listening to the news announcers talk about how the war is going in Korea and having so many friends I went to High School with, already serving and a few I know who aren’t coming home again. Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael, down the street from us, just had a visit from the war department. Their son was killed in action, fighting the R.O.K. ARMY, street to street in Seoul Korea. They gave them the news on their doorstep. The family went into deep mourning. About a week later, a letter came for them from John’s platoon leader, Mathew Finnegan. He felt it was his duty to explain to them what happened to their son and how heroic he was. They were pinned down by a sniper and John had gone out to draw his fire, while the platoon marksman, tried to locate him and take him out. John, was coming from behind cover and signaled to the men behind him, when a single shot rang out and John fell back behind the hill he was hiding behind. The platoon opened fire in the direction of the shot and actually killed the sniper, then ran over to check on him, but he was already deceased.  That’s how the war has changed me. I don’t take life for granted and just like that, I know I could be John, on my way to St. Peters gates.

T: Belle, since Jacob left for basic does it scare you when you see anyone in 15933966_751308458354232_1081446528_ouniform going up to your neighbors doors?

 B: I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t seen that and I hope I never will. Jacob, told me someone he knew a guy in the Army, who actually saw that happen to one of his neighbors. He said there were two officers in uniform, who knocked on door informing them their son had been killed in action. I can’t even imagine such a thing. I have to have faith, that God won’t let that happen and he’ll keep Jay safe from harm.

T: Knowing you’ve lost friends and buddy’s do you feel lucky to have each other through the chaos?

J: Belle, is my anchor to what’s waiting for me at home. I travel into the darkness because that’s what I’m called to do, but I know that home and hearth are waiting for me. What more could a person ask for, then to have the love of his life, waiting for him with open arms, when things are tough.

T: Belle, do you feel like being Jacob’s anchor puts you under pressure?

B: I don’t. I love Jacob so much and I always want to be here for him, for whatever he may need. He’s told me often, I’m the reason he gets through each day and without me, he’d be lost. I sometimes wonder if him having to worry about me, might be really hard for him sometimes. I mean, here I am at home, safe and living my daily life and Jacob may not come home ever again. So, how could I ever feel like that’s pressure, when I can’t imagine a day I’d ever say I can’t do this anymore.

T: Did you ever feel like not telling each other about what you were going through, while Jacob was gone?

 B: I did, but then I remembered my promise to always be open and honest with him, never holding anything back from him no matter how hard it was to tell him.

J: I did, but we promised we would share, as much as the sensors would let us in our letters. Sometimes, it’s hard to talk about reality, but at the same time, I don’t hold anything back from Belle.

T: Well, Belle and Jacob, that’s all I have for you today. Thank you again for joining me.

Thank you so much for having me and Jacob (My little snookem bear joke) we really enjoyed talking to you.

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