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15355697_732373296914415_423813138366754539_nCoffee House Poets Event~

We’d like to welcome to our event and take this opportunity to let everyone know how the event works. This is a live write, so please, don’t post under our posted picture that’s Strictly Prohibited. That’s for the authors only, to write their stories for the audience. There will be No exceptions to this rule. If you post in that area, your post will be removed from the thread and you may be blocked from the event. We’ll have a question and answer section posted for you to say hello and ask the authors questions. This is also a Drama free zone. We’re all adults here, so please, let’s all act accordingly. Just sit back, relax and watch as the authors write their amazing stories.
All Times Are EST
Meet and Greet. 6:30-7:00

Friday, Jan 6th

Teresa Crumpton and Elias Raven 7-8
Kasey Dawn Hill and Mitch Workman 8-9
T. Lee Hunt and Michael Noe 9-10
Bridget Blackwood and Aaron Speer 10-11
Cree nations and Erin. Trejo 11-12

Saturday Jan7th
6:30-7:00 meet and greet

Lucas Black and Ellie Masters 7-8
Sharon Johnson and Elias Raven 8-9
Dawn Madena and Cee Jay Cassidy 9-10
Savannah Morgan and Brian Miller 10-11
Lea Winkelman and Elias Raven11-12