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December 3rd 2016 Live Write

Teresa Crumpton & Mitch Workman 7PM

Brian Miller & T. Lee Hunt 8PM

Jade Royal & Gabriella Messina 9PM

Elias Raven & Ellie Masters 10PM

Sharon Johnson & Cee Jay Cassidy 11PM

Come see what the fuss is about…
This is from a previous event…
Live Write November 5th 2016

Sharon Johnson & Elias Raven 7 PM



The first time I saw him I was wet with anticipation. All those gorgeous tattoos made me salivate. Of course, there was no way I’d admit that at the time. After all, he was the neighborhood bad boy and I wasn’t about to become another notch, on his way too busy bedpost. He walked up to me and eyed me up and down like I was desert. I wasn’t sure how long I could resist, but I was determined to try.


I could see her hair shining a mile away. When I first saw her at the party, I could tell she was giving me the once over, but also trying to hold back. It didn’t take long with the way her friends were talking to her and looking at me on the sly, to figure out I was the main topic of discussion and I’m sure not all of it was good. In fact, when I looked at her friends, I realized I had bedded more than a few of them and I am sure the look that she was giving me was anything but casual…

I tossed back my Jack and Coke and walked over to her giving her the once over, even as she kind of stepped back. Intriguing, but not an easy catch that was for sure…


When he walked over as he looked at me that way, his swagger said, cocky and confident like he owned the room and everything in it. I’d heard that he wasn’t the guy who would make a girl happy long term. He was more of a love em and leave em type, usually about the 5th orgasm or so and he was gone. I hadn’t been with anyone in months and even then, none of them cared about my needs and what I wanted. Some would stick around for a few weeks and then…Poof!!! Just like that, they’d vanish into the night, never to be seen again. I hated how my body was responding. It was what it was. I’d play his game and see what would happen next.


I could tell I had piqued her interest, but she was being careful. I pointed to the bar across from us. “Care for a drink?” I asked, even as I laid the smile on her and tilted my glasses down for effect. She was feisty alright, even as she was checking out my merchandise. I played to her friends. “How about I buy around for all of you?” Then I looked into her eyes and smiled again, “You’re going to sit by me, right?” I figured she should feel safe enough hanging out with her friends. Besides, I knew that a few rounds would ease the tension just a tad and we would see if I could get a little further with her. All of her friends looked at me, then her and nodded. “Let’s go ladies, I promise I don’t bite!” And opened the door as we headed in. My new date for the evening was last and “accidentally” let her hand brush my chest, even as she grinned and said “Oh, did my hand slip?” And walked inside. The joint was hopping! We quickly found a table.


I couldn’t believe what was happening. The same girlfriends who had warned me about this gorgeous sheep in wolf’s clothing, had actually agreed to letting him buy a drink for them. So, what else could I do, but follow along. I was trying my best not to seem interested, but I knew he saw right through me. So, there I was, walking behind him, checking out that perfect ass, the one that made me wanna bite it and then, I just had to touch that deliciously appealing hairy chest of his. We found our table and pulled up some more chairs for everyone. And wouldn’t you know it, he decides to sit down next to me. And damn if he didn’t smell amazing…


The server started bringing rounds, even as the girls got settled in. I found out my new Blonde friend’s name was Sherry, but her friends called her Cherry. I of course, had to know how she had gotten that “Nickname” but the girls just looked at me and said “Nope!” And laughed. I laughed along with the ladies, as the shots and mixed drinks started to work their magic. The house band was tearing up a nice mixture of old time rock and roll and before I knew it, I grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the floor with me. Her friends joined us and we did a full circle as I spun them around, but kept Sherry in my line of sight. I could tell the frost was melting as the whiskey shots took over. Her dancing, became more loose as she moved with my body. I even pulled her close and pulled the ole Dirty Dancing Move on her. At first, she was stiff and then relaxed and moved with me as the music ended and we headed to the table. I waved the server over ordering a round of screaming orgasms. Working my way toward my first lip lock with her.


Right before we sat down, he decided to order one of my favorite drinks, the Screaming Orgasm. He wasn’t going to make this easy on me and I wanted to tell him to “Go to Hell” but there was something in his beautiful soft gray eyes, that said so much more than I’d realized before. As I was looking into his eyes, he moved closer and I knew what was about to happen. It was like moving in slow motion, it all happened so fast. He pulled me in tightly, ran one hand through my silky long locks and the other, he wrapped around my waist. The tip of his tongue traced the outer part of my lips. I immediately relaxed into him. I parted my lips and opened for him and then we began to dance a tango with our tongues. One leading and the other one following. At that moment, the room, the music and everyone else fell away. I was in deep trouble and we both knew it.


I figured I would try for the kiss after she dropped the shot down past her lips. I saw her take a sharp intake of breath in even as I smiled, moving in for the first kiss. The worse she could do was say “Nope, not that kinda gal” but that wasn’t the case at all. As soon as my tongue darted out, she was falling into the kiss and my arms in record time. I let her catch her breath, even as I waved the server over again. I ordered in more shots and started setting up a nice shooter game to see if I could help my date’s libido a bit. A little one shooter, two shooters, three shooters down… I lined up three shots in front of us, even as her friends were laughing, egging her on. “Sherry, you going to go shot for shot with him?” One sassy friend of hers, Teresa said. I made sure I took care of all the girls so Sherry, didn’t feel left out. Sherry didn’t know that the
bartender Teddy, was a friend of mine and always hooked me up on the bar bill. I was going to keep the social lubricant flowing fast and hard. Maybe get her into my car. I always had the covered spot in the back that was secluded. I always kicked Teddy, an extra-large tip for the love and the parking spot.


The more I drank, the more I giggled. All those silly girls, just egging me on, it was starting to get hot in there and all the smoke from the cigarettes, was making it hard to breathe. I needed to clear my head and get some air. He was so hot, and all those tats, showed off all of his corded muscles. I don’t know why I said it and to this day I still don’t, but I said, “Ray, would you please walk me outside, I need some air and maybe we could find a place to sit down?  I just need a few minutes, then I may go home.” The man smiled an absolutely illuminating smile. He took my hand into his warm, but surprisingly soft hand and carefully led me out the door. I was sure I was probably in trouble and I’d most likely be that, “Five of Six orgasm girl” but by then, the idea seemed like a really good one…


I watched the next shot glide past her lips along with the other girls. Glasses slammed onto the table tops, as I pulled up my next shot and downed it, waiting for them to follow suit. Sherry, tilted her second shot back and I saw her eyes water, as the shot hit her really fast. The other girls laughed, as they downed their shots. I looked at the next shot and pointed at Sherry. You ready for round three? She held her hands. “Just a sec… you trying to get me drunk or in my pants?” She whispered. I smiled at her and kissed her again. “Both honey” I said. “Do you need some air?” “That sounds like a good idea Ray. Take me outside.” She said. “They have a patio out back”. I pointed over my shoulder. Her friends laughed even as I pointed at the next shot. “Ready ladies?” I asked. I picked up and downed the shot popping the glass down. I waved the server over and pointed to Sherry’s friends. “Give them some love Michael! I’ll be right back. I think my friend needs some air!” I said, and stood up, taking Sherry’s hand and walking with her out the back of the bar. As soon as the door closed, I leaned in and she leaned back against the wall my lips started exploring her waiting mouth and tongue. “Glad to see were both thinking alike” I said, with my voice low and growling. “By the way, my car is over there in the secluded spot if you want some privacy… “


By that time, I was feeling like I could fly and he was really cute. I mean really cute. He was also a great kisser, the best I’d ever had. I actually found myself wondering what else he might be the best at. “Um..ok.. yer…sure lats go” I slurred. Even in my drunken state, for some reason I trusted him. He wasn’t a creep, maybe just a horn dog and that was better right? He picked me up and we were in his car before I knew it…


I carried her over to the car as I pushed her against the side sliding my hand under her ass and pulling her into me. Her lips were all over me, as her fingers pulled against my chest. “Car?” I asked. She nodded as I opened the back seat and she jumped in with me. Her legs spread and waiting. I hiked the dress up around her waist. She did little to protest and moaned as my fingers and body along with my, lips pressed against her. Her nails raked my back and shoulders. “Fuck, I want you,” she moaned. I unzipped my pants, even as she grabbed my length pulling it out of my pants and unbuttoning my belt and zipper. I pulled them down and slid her underwear down, tossing them into the front seat. I slid my length against her, even as she moaned grabbing my hair. I angled my hips allowing my length to penetrate her, even as she groaned clawing at me. We went at it fast and furious, even as she screamed, pounding my back raking her nails as I locked into her eyes… I could tell I was going to get her all night. We would have to make it quick, I knew her friends would worry. That was ok I was going to take her home…


Kasey Hill & Michael Noe 8 PM


It was a simple chance encounter. You know the kind where you meet someone in a smoky bar and feel all atwitter patted. You drink a little and then later, you exchange fuck faces. It was too easy to pick up men in a bar. They all thought with their dicks and that made it easy to trap them. Yes, she was not here to hook up or find a baby daddy. One of these unlucky sons of bitches was going to die, and die painfully.


He found her to be intriguing. What woman wasn’t sitting alone at a bar. An easy score for him tonight. She made all the right faces and sent all the right signs. She was hot and not only in her panties. He could fuck her four days from Sunday and leave her begging for more. It was in the right moves placed. It didn’t take much talking, before they were walking out of the bar and heading to his house. A nice drink at the house to unwind even more and then the fun would begin.


This was where it became interesting. To her, he was just meat in skinny jeans and black T-shirt. When he wasn’t looking, she made sure to put the roofie in his drink, so that he would be good and sleepy soon. “So, why not just cut to the chase. We’re adults here right? My only rule is no names. I don’t want a boyfriend; I just want to fuck…” He smiled and nodded like a good obedient puppy. “I like a girl who knows what she wants.” She smiled and patted his head affectionately. “If you only knew. Let’s head to my place. I’ll drive.” He agreed and out they went, hand in hand. They looked just like any other couple, except this was just a booty call. One of many for both of them.


They arrived at his place and he was quick to make the drinks. He watched her, as she looked around the room paying no attention to him. He slipped a cellophane from his pocket and dropped two capsules in her drinks and watched them fizz down. He gave her drink a quick stir with his finger and walked it over to her. “Cheers,” he said, as they both downed their drink. She gave him the fuck me eyes once more, before she started to lose the lust in her eyes. He smiled, as he watched her sway a bit and sit down. “What….what was in that drink?” She stammered. “Oh my pretty,” he said brushing the hair from her face. “I myself am more of a keep her kind of guy.” She rolled out of her chair and hit the floor out cold. “Now,” he said still talking to her. “The fun does begin.”


Something was wrong. Halfway to the car the world tilted and got fuzzy, she slumped against the car confused. “I’ll drive baby. We’re going to my place.” There was nothing she could say or do. Her brains were nothing more than scrambled eggs. He picked her up easily and put her in the passenger seat. “Need to buckle up sweetie. Safety first, even for a bitch like you.” He cackled, as he ran around to the driver’s side and climbed in. “You didn’t think I saw what you did? You’re pretty slick, but I’m quicker. I switched the drinks.” Now she was laid out legs wide open. She could feel him watching her, but there was nothing she could do to protect herself. The hunted was now the prey.


He took the invitation, even if she seemed like a crazy bitch. She was the right kind of psycho he had been looking for. “You do realize what we can be together, right?” He said climbing in on top her. “We could be better than Bonnie and Clyde. I know bitches like you. You take home whoever lends you those eyes just to torture them, fuck them, and end them. I like that shit,” he said, swiping aside her panties. HE unzipped his pants and thrust in. “Let’s just say, we could do this together forever. Me watching you, you watching me. Then fucking in their blood afterwards.” She grinned back as he laid into her getting out what was needed to satisfy them both. “Now, my love,” he said, as he came. “Who shall we grab first?”


She had never felt this way before. “You really think so? You drug me and then later, expect me to open my legs just because you’re some kind of psychopath? I eat bastards like you for breakfast.” He laughed and patted her leg. For the first time, ever, she felt a stirring she had never felt before. Her heart trip hammered inside of her chest, forcing her breath to become ragged. “Yeah? Follow me. I got us a pet,” Suddenly she kissed him. Deep and hard. It was the first time she kissed anyone like that and she wanted more of him. This was wrong, but damn it she couldn’t stop herself. Inside the dining room, there was a large box with a bright blue tarp covering it. Pulling the tarp away she gasped as she saw the leggy blonde inside chained up. “Oh, my God!!”  She clapped and cheered as she hugged him and felt her insides turn to goo.


He grinned as he saw how elated she became seeing the young woman bound before her. “So, my little queen, would you like to play with her first?” He didn’t even get a response. She was already unbolting the door of the box and dragging the blonde out by the chain latched around her neck. The blonde screamed and kicked. It was no use. Her hands were bound behind her and she couldn’t see either of them from the blind fold. He led the duo to his prepared table and uncovered the delightful pieces he had gathered for the night. Before them lay scalpels, nails, glass, barbed wire, anything you could think of to torture and fuck with he had. “Which would you like first love?” She smiled at him and said, “Give me the barbed wire.”


He smiled and nodded. She loved the glint in his as he handed it over. The woman whimpered, as Grace suddenly shook her head and put the barbed wire down. There was a cheese grater next to a simple corkscrew. The handle was stained with what could only be blood. She licked the woman’s breast and smiled, as her nipples hardened. Without warning, she ran the grater over her breast shredding skin, and forcing the nipple to pop like an infected zit. The gag kept her screams in, but the fat tears that rolled down her heaving cheeks, made Grace giggle. “What do we have here?” She grabbed the corkscrew and jabbed into the woman’s eye. Blood and puss, exploded from the wound, splattering Grace in her smiling face


The woman continued to scream through her gag. It was irritating to Kevin, but it also made him hard. Grace was quick to pick up another tool and smash the woman in the face again. The blood from the bludgeoning, even hit him this time. He wiped it from his face smiling. He reached over and handed her the channel locks he had. Two pair. He watched, as she clamped them down on the woman’s vaginal lips and spread her apart. She picked up one of the nails while murmuring, “I always wanted to be a piercing artist.” She smacked the nail down through the flesh. “But I was always so bad with aim.”


“It does look a little uneven. Oh, well.” He grabbed a scalpel and carved a small incision into her stomach. Just wide enough for his hands to slip into. He watched the woman’s eyes roll back in her head, as he played around in the open wound. Then his pants were off and he was inserting himself in the small slit. Each thrust of his manhood caused more blood to seep out, and her whimpers suddenly ceased, as his penis penetrated vital organs. Once he was finished he laughed and said: “You weren’t going to eat that, were you?”

Bryce Calderwood & K.M. Cox 9 PM


I used to…

I used to have a name, but now I don’t know. I don’t know who I am. I don’t even know what I am. I have a face, I have hands. I remember hurting, hurting everywhere.

But now, I don’t hurt. Except everything is so unclear. As I move, I hear faint whirring sounds from my body. I move with fluid grace, even though I am now part machine. I hold this thought with no anxiety. Perhaps because I no longer feel pain.

But what do I feel? And who is that woman at the end of the hall?


What does she want from me? I can’t decide if she’s a friend or foe. Maybe she’s lost just like me. It’s so hard to tell what’s going on.

I vaguely remember my old life. I can remember a back yard with a picket fence. I remember a child’s laughter and the squeaking of a swing. But now it’s all just another memory. Or maybe a fantasy?

It doesn’t matter what I was, though, it’s time to figure out who I am. And what I’m doing here.


“It takes some getting used to,” said the woman at the end of the hall. “Do you like your face?”

I turned to the nearby mirror. I was already looking at myself when she entered the long, narrow room at the far end. At first I thought I saw someone else through a window, but her movements matched mine and I realized it was me. I didn’t look like me, but then, I couldn’t remember what I looked like.

The face they’d put over the structure of my artificial skull was beautiful. Like a woman in a face cream commercial.

“What if I don’t?” I asked, turning to face her. She approached, unfolding her arms and smoothing out her white pantsuit. She looked about my age… an odd thought because I couldn’t remember how old I was supposed to be. The laughter and cries of children played as if from behind a thick wall in my mind. I blinked and the sound was gone.

The woman gestured to several faces hanging nearby.


“You can choose another one,” she answered as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “We want our family to be comfortable in their own skin…as they say. You’re going to be with that face for a while, so you better enjoy it.

I looked around at the other faces, contemplating. If only I knew what I looked like before. If only I could remember my skin, or the color of my hair, I could look like my old self.

Then again, I had no idea if I liked my old self…what if I was horrible? Distorted. I couldn’t go by my memories.

“I’ll keep this one,” I said, running my fingers over the porcelain skin. “It’s growing in me.” I turned to the women, who hadn’t taken her eyes off of me. “So… now what?”


“Now, we test your responses before you start your new life.”

She moved in very close to me. She had eyes like the blue from antique china, although I don’t know how I knew that. Her hair was brilliant copper. She reached out and caressed my face and my own response surprised me.

I wanted her.

But that wasn’t enough. I also wanted answers.


She was the key to the answers, I felt it. She was hiding something…something that would change my course.

But how could I get the information? I wasn’t sure if I could even trust her; she could’ve been the reason that I was like this.

“So what responses are we checking,” I asked, watching, waiting. “What do you need me to do?” Dropping her hand, she grasped mine, squeezing my fingers.

“There’s a machine,” she said, “we have to hook you up and then there are questions. Your answers determine how your functions are working.” She smiled. “Are you ready?”


She tugged at my hand but I resisted. Her face became uncertain, questioning.

“You said I’m starting a new life. Why? What happened to my old one? Was there something wrong? Did I agree to this?”

She kissed me, which I wanted but didn’t know I wanted. How could I feel like this if I was mostly a machine now? I felt heated up from the inside, lighter than air as her lips caressed mine.

But then she whispered in my ear, “I left enough of you intact for you to help us. You used to be a special ops agent, but you died in war. Your memories will be returning. Use them to survive and help us. Please.”

She kissed me again and pulled back.


I was stuck, rooted in my spot from shock. Special ops agent? War? I couldn’t remember any of that. But I could imagine it: I saw the bunkers, the guns. I saw the sand and dust and heard the screams.

“Did I kill people?” I asked, uncertain if I wanted to know.

“Only those who deserved it,” she told me. Her eyes darted around. “Not here. Come to my room tonight and we can talk. I’ll give you back your memories.” So, she was the keeper of my memories! “Help us and I can help you. Please.”

With one last smile, she sashayed out of the room, giving me one last meaningful glance before disappearing behind the door.

What the hell was I getting myself into?


Minutes later the door opened again but this time a man and two robot soldiers entered the room. The man wore a dark suit and seemed fastidious. The two robot soldiers made the floor thump with their steps. They were a flat black that reflected no light. Their bodies were comprised of asymmetrical polygonal shapes to fool and distort sensors. I knew, now, how I knew this.

“Dierdre,” said the man to me, as if it were my name. I guess it was. “Ready?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, as though I were happy and carefree. But then I made my face into one of concern. “What are these? They’re not going to hurt me, are they? Can you make them go away? They’re scaring me,” I lied.


Even without the woman telling me, I knew this was the man I was supposed to save everyone from.

I could smell the stench of death and darkness coming from within him. The man grinned, nudging his henchmen.

“Please,” I said again and the soldiers backed up. “Thank you,” I said and shook the man’s hand when he held it out to me.

“It was my pleasure.” He said. “I wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable; you are an intricate part of the story.”

“Funny,” I said. “You’re an intricate part of mine too.” Before he could react, I spun the man around and grabbed the gun he tried to hide.

I’m the next minute, bullets sprayed the room- hitting the man and his henchmen. I continued to shoot until none of the bodies were moving.

And then, the door opened. The woman was back.

“Perfect.” He said. “You got them out of my way.” She pulled out her own pistol. “Now it’s your turn to say goodbye.”

Oh shit. It was her all along.

~The End~

Lea Winkelman & Riley Bryant 10 PM


I’m so frustrated. Where is she? Sitting here on my throne, it’s a lonely place. I feel that part of me gone. I need to find her. ” Girls, what news do you have for me? How is the search going? ” I’m hoping they are even trying to find them. Maybe I need to push them harder.


The lash in his voice strikes like a whip, the master’s mood grows darker with each hour, each minute, and the time has stacked up to days.  Illyra glides her hand down his chest, her fingers caressing over the hard muscle, laying her body against him.

“Master, the search continues, unceasing.  The minions seek her far and wide across the realms, but it is as if she faded into the mist.”


I feel the sexual tension in Illyra, she’s always wanted to sit up beside me. She’s a good girl for enjoying but, she’s not who I crave. “Illyra what need have you this eve? I sense you are wanting something. You do realize you can never sit on her throne. None of you can. It was made to hold only one” I look into her seeing the lust.


All recoil at the reproof, but Illyra drops to the ground, her hands trailing over him as she seeks to move away.  “I am sorry, master.”

We all are his, have always been his, for his pleasure.  But she was different.  She was what we could never be.  And now she was gone.  I feel the jealousy, moving in the pit of my stomach, remembering what they were together, but I know I cannot be what she was.  None of us can.

Rising from the floor I move toward his throne, kneeling, crawling toward him and that cold stone chair.

“We are not she, master, we do not seek to be.”

Timidly I raise my eyes, looking into that cold visage, those dark eyes.

“We seek only to serve.”


“Ladies you are here to serve me your Master. When she returns, you will serve her as well. Never forget your place. Do not think I will stop my search. I demand you increase the pace to find her. Bring her home!” My anger grows as I fear they are stalling thinking they can be her. No one can be my Rose. Only one who can left out of fear.

Pounding my fist on the arm of my throne I raise my voice in frustration. ” who of you told her? Someone scared my Rose away! Tell me now who. ”


Each of us rise to reassure him of our devotion, our hands seeking him, caressing him.  His arms, his legs, his body.  Our words tumble one upon the other, joining in a chorus of mewlings.  Yet the cold fury of him is a rock against our storm, unyielding, unassailable.


Feeling the ladies administer their affection, it’s soothing. Trying to calm my emotions I take a breath. “Ladies, feeling you all is stimulating to me. Yet none of you are her. I want my Rose. So, tell me now, where is she!” I’m feeling one of them knows her whereabouts yet refuses to tell. Why won’t they bring her back to me?


Strong steps sound into the room, echoing around the high walls of the chamber.  All heads turn, save his, as he continues his brooding.  The figure that enters carries with her an air of command, an air of power. Her body is strong, hard and toned, though not unattractive, curved in all the right places.  At her side, she carries the long curves sword of her office, as master of the spies.

Immediately she assesses the situation, her eye moving over each of us as we seek to comfort our master.  Her pace slows and she moves around, addressing the master from a distance.  As she passes one of us her hand falls, caressing the cheek, casually.

“Are you so troubled that your throngs cannot satisfy you, master?”  Her voice does not hold the cower of most of the master’s subjects, but speaks almost in mockery of him.


Looking at my one on charge, the one female I trust above all these others I see her ready to enjoy some pleasure. ” My spy do you have news for me? I fear these throngs as you call them, are hindering the search. One of them scared Rose away. What should we do with them now my dear?” I look at her seeing she’s ready to play with these ladies.


“The search continues, ” She bows, a slight bend at the waist, her arms spread just slightly, though her eye never wavers from him.  “but I can assure you none of these, ” she turns her hands to take in each of us.  Her hand again finds the one by her feet, tracing over the shape of her ear. Coryn’s head turns and she nuzzles into the woman’s thigh, ” had anything to do with it.”

“We have found evidence that she was abducted, master, by Jarmyn’s forces. Even now we seek out those who helped them.”


My anger rises. “Who dared help Jarmyn, who betrayed us? Where is she? No harm must come to her. I fear war will be the answer. He has always been jealous.” Shaking my head, I start to think of a plan. How can we bring Rose home?


Casually, she walks toward him, moving to the side of the throne. Lowering her head to his, her voice is quiet, “We will find them master, and we will make them pay.” Her hand moves along his, bringing him in, as if to a conspiracy. “Even now, we gather the faithful.  But we must move carefully.”  She moved behind him, from one ear to the other.  “If we act in force, they may kill her.”
Her breath is hot against his ear, “We will move tomorrow, quietly, quickly.  And they will learn what it means to anger you.”

The End

Gabriella Messina & Jade Royal 11 PM


I watched the two girls sitting on my bed and felt little to no interest. Human women never made me feel anything. Especially whores that thought that they could turn me on with a flick of their wrists, bare body parts, and little to no brains. They offered me nothing, but a very cheap moment. The one that I want has no idea that I even exist. She’s a lot classier than anything these girls could offer. I stood and left the room, disturbed by the thought of touching them with a 10-foot pole.

I walked outside into the fresh air and all of me came alive. The night had a smell, just as everything else did. It smelled of mischievous deeds, nature, darkness, and something… else. I smelled cheese pizza to my right, but then something sweet mixed in. I closed my eyes, taking in something that stirred my soul. It was her. I couldn’t tell how far away she was, but like a moth to a flame, one foot in front of the other, I headed her way. It was time.


It was colder than I thought it would be, which is why I’d thrown on such a thin jacket, instead of my heavier pea coat… Winter had come to the city early this year, and the chill temperatures only served to accentuate the sounds… of the cabs inching past… of boots sloshing through the wet leaves… of footsteps…

I slowed… they were approaching me from behind, getting closer and closer… I dared not look, but sped up, hurrying toward my turn, my street… then it was only twenty or thirty feet to my front door… I fairly floated along, searching through my pockets for my keys so that I would need to hesitate only a moment before entering the safety of my brownstone. I inhaled another deep breath of cold air, and the scent of pizza. My stomach growled loudly, in response and I resolved to call out for food, as soon as I was safely indoors.

Only a few more feet… the step beckoned. Suddenly, I froze… not because of the steps growing closer… in fact, they were silent… and with good reason. Ahead of me, leaning casually against the stone rail of the stairs… was a man…

He smiled quietly… and something in me melted. I smiled in return. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”


I passed musicians on the street playing loudly. Normally, I would have stopped to listen, but there was something much bigger happening tonight. The moon was high in the sky and was probably the reason, why things felt more intense. I’d watched her from afar for a while, but I’d never felt propelled to seek her out, by just her scent. It’s not the first time that I’d smelled her, but it definitely is the first time that she’d been irresistible.

I froze when I neared the scene unfolding. There was a man following her. I knew it was Angeline, from the way that her hair flowed in the wind. There was another on the steps in front of her. She seemed to know him and maybe she knew nothing of the man behind her. I stepped back, watching as things began to unfold. Maybe I’d made a mistake. If she belongs to someone else… The wolf inside tried to force his way forward, but I stood my ground.

“Wait!” I hissed at the wolf. “We need to make sure she doesn’t belong to another.”

He howled inside and I knew that it was only a matter of time. Again, I watched. What was really going on?


“Didn’t expect me?” The man smiled more broadly, but with a hint of danger in his eyes. “Angie, you should know better than that.”

I could feel the hair on the back of my neck raising up… someone was behind me… I tried to remain impassive, maintain the smile on my face, but I was very aware of the presence behind me… and there was something else out there too… something different…
“Angie, you remember Gary, right?”

I winced. Yeah… I remembered Gary alright… I could still feel the bruises, the ropes tying me down, the humiliation… I winced again.

“What do you want?” I knew what they wanted… I watched, as Gary worked his way up from behind me, blocking my only escape route back down the street. This was not going to be good…

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed… and a blur rushed by me, hurling Gary to the ground and lunging at my smiling ex.


I smelled the shift in the air, as aggression took over. This wasn’t a happy meeting and her fear registered, just before I pummeled the two guys. “Gary” was now clawing at a huge hole in his throat. The man with the smile, yeah that faltered smile as of now. I held him by the throat and roared. Frightened, I heard the rapid breathing of his heart.

“What do you want with her?”

He sputtered and then kicked at me. I tightened my hold and he squeaked. “They know she’s different. They’re going to kill her. They’re on the way and you’re going to fucking die too.”

A snap to his neck, ended the conversation. I looked around, but detected nothing but a frightened Angeline. I raced towards her and stopping just in front. “Come with me.”


I looked at this man, the one that I had just watched tear my former abusers to pieces… and felt no fear. This wave of utter and complete trust washed over me, and I quickly took his offered hand. We began to run down the street, racing away from my home, and I knew from my life… They know I’m different? What could that MEAN? I took a moment to glance at my new companion, this dark man, who felt oddly familiar. Even my hand in his felt natural, like we had held hands before and would again after this… a timeless connection. He glanced at me, throwing a quick wink that reassured me even more. I dared to ask, “Where are we going?”

He smirked. “Away from here, as quickly as possible, then… not sure.” He chuckled. “You trust me?”

“Oddly enough, yes… Don’t know why.”

“Good.” He smiled broadly, then turned back to watch for movement ahead of them. I turned my attention back to the street as well… We both stopped in the same moment, our hands still tightly clasped, as we stared at the figures ahead of us.


Probably wasn’t wise to kill the only informant I had, but I couldn’t stand to look at him any further. He smelled of lies and deceit, which burned the hair in my nose. The trail of my thoughts froze, as I sensed the men waiting ahead. I needed to get to my safe house and they were in the way. It would take no time to get past them.

“You one of them too?” The idiot asked.

“One of who?” I asked, letting go of Angeline’s hand for a moment.

“Those things…”

“What things?”


I handled the first guy and turned around to see the other holding Angeline. I shook my head, trying to calm the beast. MATE. I swallowed, knowing that this was a possibility. The connection was too strong. A gun pressed to her head and a finger that was trembling wasn’t a good combination. I thought less and acted more. I hit, moved quickly and knocked him to the ground. Two shots to his chest and I grabbed Angeline. Moving as quickly as possible, I took her to my safe place and locked us inside. I looked at her, not really knowing what to say.


I stared back at him, feeling the pull between us, this consuming magnetism… the man had called him something… were… I frowned slightly, taking a step back.

“What are you?” He took a deep breath.

‘Just a man… at heart.”

“Okay, what about everything other than your heart?” He smiled.

“That’s more complicated… but we don’t have time now. We’ll have to keep moving.”


I kneeled down in front of Angeline. I knew that someone was after us and they’d all suffer for trying to cause her any harm. She was mine and in time, I’d tell her everything. I smelled her sweet scent up close and I closed my eyes. She was mine and I’d protect her. She was the Mistress of my heart and I the slave to her being. MINE

-To Be Continued…