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Fly Girl’s Review:    4 out of 4 Propellers

Book Description:

They call us things with teeth. These words from Lily Rose Sullivan the night of her death haunt her seventeen-year-old sister, Finn, who has moved with her widowed father to his hometown of Fair Hollow, New York. After befriending a boy named Christie Hart and his best friend, Sylvie Whitethorn, Finn is invited to a lakeside party where she encounters the alluring Jack Fata, a member of the town’s mysterious Fata family. Despite Jack’s air of danger and his clever words, Finn learns they have things in common.

One day, while unpacking, Finn finds her sister’s journal, scrawled with descriptions of creatures that bear a sinister resemblance to Jack’s family. Finn dismisses these stories as fiction, but Jack’s family has a secret—the Fatas are the children of nothing and night, nomadic beings who have been preying on humanity for centuries—and Jack fears that his friendship with Finn has drawn the attention of the most dangerous members of his family—Reiko Fata and vicious Caliban, otherwise known as the white snake and the crooked dog.

Plagued with nightmares about her sister, Finn attempts to discover what happened to Lily Rose and begins to suspect that the Fatas are somehow tied to Lily Rose’s untimely death. Drawn to Jack, determined to solve the mystery of her sister’s suicide, Finn must navigate a dangerous world where nothing is as it seems.


This was my first Audible book purchase and I was not disappointed.  It took me a while to listen to all of it at regular speed, roughly 13 hours over 5 months.  Yes, compared to other books I’ve reviewed this one took me a long time to get through.  However, it wasn’t because the book was bad or boring.  Quite the opposite.  It was gripping and there were times when I hated to shut if off.  When I read, there has to be a certain amount of concentration on my part and sitting and listening to the book seemed like I was cheating my family and the house out of time with me.  It wasn’t something I could put on just before bed and fall asleep to because then I’d be wasting a half hour trying to figure out where I fell asleep at in it.  Also, I travel with my hubby a lot and he hates listening to audio books, especially ones he didn’t start from the beginning.  So that was a long way around why it took so long to read.

To the point of the story.  This book was great.  I was sucked in from the first two chapters and I don’t even think I read the full book description.  Finn Sullivan’s story is so compelling and her character so well developed in the book, you can’t help but pull for her at each scary and outside reality confrontation she has.  She builds friendships that take a much different turn than you first expect and it shows how a girl her age struggles with trust and sharing.  But the best part is if you listen and close your eyes, it’s as if you can smell the dying leaves and the smells of the party and you’re right there in the scene.  This is what I would call an Epic novel.  It is filled with lots of description and details that build the visual for the reader.  You can tell Katherine Harbour spent a lot of time just to get it right and get it right she did.

There are elements of many fairytales and legends in this one that make you believe the story is going to go one way and then Katherine surprises you.  She leaves no detail out or stone unturned in her plot development and her characters personalities.  You even get to know the lowliest of individuals as if they were your next door neighbor.  There are also several scary scenes, that made me jump and hold my breath as I listened.  This is truly a magical tale not for the faint of heart.  It will also make you reconsider what you think a happy ending is.  With that, I can’t wait to listen or read the next in the series.  I downloaded it today.

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