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14954275_563530683835577_1943585738_oSanta came early this year, but what does his sack have in store? Find out in this hilariously sexy Christmas story.

14997129_563530713835574_582490076_nSanta is a Dom?: Charity’s List 22,500 words

Is it crazy for a 27-year-old woman to give a naughty Christmas list to a mall Santa? Is it even crazier for that girl to believe Santa’s claims of being the magical man?

I’m Charity Lane, welcome to my world of temporary insanity. In my defense, I was just dumped by my husband a week before Christmas.

Though what if Santa really does exist? What if he’ll deliver my every desire and more? With nothing left to lose, I put my faith in a stranger. Maybe he’ll be the one to deliver the happy ending I deserve.


About JD Grayson 13434195_506576316197681_1047500291_n

J.D. Grayson lives in the state of Florida, where the heat and sweat naturally lead him to write erotica.  Preferring short erotica to long form, he tries to offer a burst of pleasure, while merging an interesting story with a few twists along the journey.

With every work, Grayson attempts to straddle the line of sensuality and kink, story and sex, as well as fantasy and reality.  Although sex always leads the way, he strives to add imagination to every plot line, in addition to each sex act.  Some stories are lighter in tone; others are darker, though he always aims for a tasteful presentation.

His ultimate goal is to add spice to the life of readers.  In his daily conversations with “average couples,” he discovered that the current stat of sexuality is not in a good place. Somehow it’s been lost in maddening schedules, busy lives, and shamed stereotypes.  Its importance and priority are pushed to the back burner, as a chore not a reliever.

If just one of his stories adds some lust to their love, then his mission is accomplished.

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