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November 5th 2016 Live Write

Sharon Johnson & Elias Raven 7 PM

Kasey Hill & Michael Noe 8 PM

Bryce Calderwood & K.M. Cox 9 PM

Lea Winkelman & Riley Bryant 10 PM

Gabriella Messina & Jade Royal 11 PM

Come see what the fuss is about…
This is from a previous event…
Live Write October 1st 2016

Zorha Edwards & Teresa Crumpton

The darkness brought forth the being I wanted to destroy. They reached for my arms and legs trying to pull me down. I tried to keep my mind clear so I could call to my sister. She was supposed to come down as soon as she saw them capture me.

~Mist Surrounds me~ I hear you sister…Damn what Magick is this? I am completely cut off from communicating with my sister. I need to break the myst and then I should be good. This is a spell for the book of Lithe, I know. I remember the counter; I think…
from the blackest of night
I will begin this fight
blood on bone
bring to kneel
at her throne
clear the Myst
give me sight
forever to see
so mote it be
~Slowly clearing the mist~

His minions clawed at my legs as I chanted the protection spell my sister and I created for when they caught me. But we never planned on the mist or that they would be able to draw my blood.

~opening the portal~ OH yuck, it smells like ass and boys locker room, we have to have a chat with the mater that dwells here…we are going to, but once he is dealt with…~pain that bring me to my knees~ What? the mist is taking blood from my sister…not only to separate us but remove her powers. ~Here me sister~ I send to her via our mind path. I am here, the chant, take blood from one of the minions…rip off a fucking limb if you have to but get the blood, this is a blood spell and has to countered with one. You have no protection…NOW

Damnit!!!! I can barely hear you sister. I hope you get this part too. They bound my hands the little demons. ~ I kick at the head of the closest bald gnarly looking childlike creature crawling out of the ground. They were everywhere. As soon as I got one off me another took its place. I was losing strength with every step. ~ I need the energy spell we discussed sister. The one we didn’t think would work. I’m willing to try it even if IT kills me once we take this Demon out.

~Sighing~ I think I heard the spell for energy…She is not going to be able to take it, but she is fading. ~Blue Lightning Gathering~ Hands over my head…feeling the life force of my Sister.
Light of Hell
I call your fury
Take my will
use this force
destroy the horde
Use the conduit
Lust by Blood
Casting the spell, I hear the shrieks of the demons, feel the relief of my sister. I open the door to the cell where she is being kept to see her body bloody and torn. The rage I have begins to charge the air. I have to control the power, or she will know that I have done the forbidden spell. We could not destroy this fucker if I hadn’t. She would never understand. ~Falling to my knees~ let me release you, we will need to hide so that I can heal you. I need your help and power of sex. But once we have this bastard, I will have blood and all of his internal organs for what he has done to you.

my eyes flicker ~ he’s here ~ I whisper. Cackles erupt all around the stone walls of my cell. ~ She’s mine now, and there’s nothing you can do. Not even that forbidden spell you cast to save her. But thank you for that. Now I’ll have both of you. ~ His words echoed in my head as he ranted. I couldn’t let him take us both. He took too much already and I wouldn’t let him take anymore from us. Drawing up all my well I started my spell. I just hoped my sister wouldn’t kill me for this. She still didn’t know my full power and I was about to show her what our father had done. Why our Mother had been so pissed at him. And why our Uncle wanted my blood before taking hers. My hands reached slowly up to my necklace and pulled. My light pierced the darkness.

`Laughing Loud as if thunder was striking~ Your very good dear uncle! You have unleashed hell on yourself. I will give my little sister the first taste of your blood. By Blood our powers have strength by our love we are bound. You took our parents, and may have tried to own us ,..but you have underestimated us! I will rip the heart out of your beating chest and dine on it… ~Chanting the spell with my sister~
by Blood
by rite
We call to the power
power with might
Sister together
Yet one
Bring this evil
destroy this blight
Tear the arms
remove his might
lay him
beneath our feet
as we will

feel the pain begin dear uncle!

I chant with my sister as my cuts start to heal from the spell I had worked to free me. ~ NO!!! ~ he yells as my wings un-furrow. My body levitates off the ground. Once I’m on my feet I step closer to him, but take my time so he sees his death coming. With hands still bound I reach towards his heart, parting his chest with ease and wrap my hands around the beating organ and pull. His magick keeps him standing, watching as I remove the still beating blackened thing. His eyes bug out as I take my first bite.

~Wicked smile~ See Uncle, you didn’t know who you were taking on. ~my blood lust takes control~ My eyes dilate, and my teeth grow and my claws grow… I rush to his body as he stares in horror, and begin to cut him apart like the meat he is. Remove the eyes that look in horror, popping each one like the finest fruit…the blood full of his power is the sweetest I have tasted, other than my little sisters. With the blood exchange we did before coming, it gave us a power boost he never expected. Next I bite and suck on his chest, and work my way down to his hardened cock and with a swift bite remove it and spit it on the ground, as his screams become music to my ears…the years of his abuse of me is over and my sister will never know what horror truly is.
Finish him sister, time to send him to his hell.

Good bye Uncle ~ I finish eating his heart and his body falls to the ground and my sister gets all the nourishment she need. ~ Thanks for coming for me sister.

Sharon Johnson & Elias Raven

The image of you in my mind, that first subtle
interplay of sunlight and warmth. Those first days
where everything was just perfect. You held me off
for days as we learned about each other…
That first kiss was surrender mixed with your desire…
It was as if the air shimmered around us awash in flame.
My arms aching as I reached out to pull you
ever closer wanting to fall into the moment. Into the
soft glow of your eyes…

I remember when we first met. I thought you were the best looking man in the room. I never thought you’d look my way, until you smiled at me. As you headed my way, the first thing I noticed about you was your warm, welcoming smile. But then, as you were almost right next to me, the light in your caramel brown eyes welcomed me in a familiar way that I couldn’t explain. I’d like to say you had me at hello, but that’s not what happened. You had me the next day, after our chat. I knew right then, that you’d not only seduce me with your body, but your words as well. That to me, has always been where the real passion lies…

My lips glide against yours even as I fall deeper
into your eyes… My mind racing as the kiss lingers
and takes flight… I can feel the palpitations of your
heart even as my head plays back the long hours
we have spent on the phone getting to know each
other yet underneath was the subtle undercurrent
of desire that was pulling us both in fast… I love the
hunt… I pulled you in tighter feeling your body shudder
as I let my tongue dart out feeling your lips open
and your tongue darting out to meet mine in a
fiery dance of passion

You could always captivate my heart like no other. You always have a way of speaking, not just with your words, but your tender loving touch. The way your eyes look at me in a 100 different ways. The way you touch my skin. Every sound you make, every moment we spend is pure euphoric bliss. Your heartbeat is my favorite song, every morning after we awaken in our tangled sheets with the warm sun peeking through our windows.

Touch, the gentle breath upon the skin, was always her
favorite. I loved to make her shudder even if it’s with my
words.. She is open to me.. Allowing me to have my way
but she is the flame that guides me. I have never known
bliss like this.. It is a gift of the heart and mind and soul
that I treasure. When I take her fully and listen to her sing
with her sweet voice rising as our pleasure mixes with
euphoria something as subtle as that first kiss always
comes back to me.

When he comes up behind me and moves my hair to one side, it always gives me chills. Then I feel the warmth of his breath, as he first kisses me, then tells me in a whispered tone, all the deliciously naughty things he wants to do with me. I love the way he then starts to nibble on my ear, as he reaches around and starts to unbutton my blouse. “Mm” I moan. And as I turn to look at him with my heavily lidded eyes of desire, I see his looking back at me. After that, our real dance of passion begins…

Her skin is sweet, almost sugared my hunger
fueled as my lips glide down the soft contours
of her neck and shoulders. My steady fingers
undoing the delicate buttons pulling her shirt
open even as my hands reach around across
her waist pulling her into me.. Kissing her neck
and lips my hands climbing toward her soft peaks
even as the moans escape her lips… The shudder
all I need.. the start of the dance.. so beautiful…

Your skilled fingers know every inch of my body. Every sound I make with you, always feels like the very first time. Your soft musky smell makes me tingle in all the right places. I love that your hair is thick and full, as I run my fingers and pull you into a deep sensual kiss. The way you run yours through my flowing hair is like Heaven on Earth. I pull away from you. I turn my back to you, so that you can unsnap my bra in that very adept way that you have, as my juices start to flow and my passion ignites even hotter for you my dearest…

I undo the snaps
Even as my fingers deftly
Remove your bra from
Your shoulders… Your breasts
Are absolutely gorgeous… My
Index finger and thumb finding
Your nipples even as the breath
Explodes from your lips… My tongue
dances against your earlobe..
Delicious… I whisper… My hand glides over your firm bottom even as your scent. The heat rises as I slowly work
Every inch watching you shudder… So beautiful…

I’m almost in sensory overload by now. I love the way you enjoy my breasts. The way your fingers play with my nipples, making them pebble and harden. And as you feel the weight of each one as you cup them with your palms…there aren’t enough adjectives to describe the feel and I really don’t want to try. A few moments later, I’m taking your hand and placing it into my pants and into my lacy red panties to my engorged nub… “Yes…Oh my god, yes” I say breathlessly…”Right there please”

I love her desire.. Her willingness to have me push her
even harder then before. When she grabbed my hands
I could feel the slick wetness.. the invitation to take her
even harder and faster then before. I drop to my knees
sliding her panties down quickly even as she steps out
my lips and tongue glide upward along the inside of her
thighs. “Spread baby” I tell her. She obeys even as I begin
to explore her.. my lips gliding across her firm ass
even as my fingers begin to work her heat.. the wetness
running down my fingers as I feel her thrashing her legs
trembling.. wanting to release.. I watch her face timing
each movement each action.. wanting her to go farther
then before.. Her eyes are rolled back as I build and
ease build and ease her moans then screams as
her body starts to lose control.. Absolutely mine..

I see colors…beautiful..vivid colors at first. I have never in all the time we’ve been together had an orgasm hit me so hard, as wave after wave continues to come. At some point my legs must have given out, because the next thing I know, I’ve been scooped up, my arms wrapped around his neck and I’m being carried over to the bed. As he gently lays me down, my hair falls everywhere and I’m breathing heavy. I’m completely covered in sweat and my juices. He looks into my eyes, with those caramel browns, I love so much and straddles me then kisses me deeply before he starts to desend downward for another taste…

I can feel how much she has given to this
only the first rounds of passion. I want more
my tongue dancing against her as she screams
her legs wrapped tightly around my head..

I ease back pushing her legs against my shoulders
even as I pull her into me.. Sliding in gently allowing
her to glide slowly achingly down my entire length
her moans and gasps as I slowly work it
into her pushing slowly but steadily.. Watching her
eyes that are glazed over as each level of pleasure
takes her higher. I lean in allowing my body to join
with hers denying myself yet wanting her to have
all of me. She grabs my chest her nails digging in
the pleading look in her eyes as my hips shoot
foreword unable to restrain that which she craves
and needs. My own groan rushes past my lips even
as she arches.. her own final release showering me
completely….. the flames dying slowly down… to the moment…

The end

Xtina Marie & Bryce Calderwood



Alivia’s form felt cold. She needed… She knew what she needed. What she always needed. The centuries had not been kind. How long had it been this time? No matter how hard she tried, she strayed from the Immortal Code and brought punishment upon herself.

Oh, who was she kidding. She didn’t try very hard.

Her desiccated skin clung to her bones like greasy paper. Drained of all her immortal blood… suffering for hundreds of years but not dying. No, not dying. Would it be poetic to say she yearned for death?

It would.

She didn’t.

She wouldn’t wake from a slumber this deep without reason. Ah, there it was, a scritch-scritch-scratching, upon the stone door of her burial chamber…


Alvina’s paper thin nostrils flared. She could smell him. His intoxicating blood pumping in that beautiful whooshing rhythm. The need grew horribly, she had to get to him- had to feed upon his life blood. Her insides screamed in want, in need. She got slowly to her feet, her old bones dropping dust to the ground with every movement she made. She was shaky on her unused legs, but strength was returning quickly. The noise from the other side of the door beckoned her.


She spoke but only dust came forth. Nearby scattered on the cold stone floor lay swords from a long ago party of grave robbers. She had strength to lift one and clang it against the stone thrice before dropping it with a ringing clatter.

“By God, are you there?” came a sonorous, masculine voice.

The scratching grew into grating scrapes as the last of the old clay fell away like scales from the eyes of Saul. Yes! She could practically hear his virile heart beating through the stone wall. Freedom — and more — would soon be hers.


Her head cocked to the side, that voice- she knew that voice. Her mind started to wander through endless memories, times long past. Her mouth began to work, but still not a sound came out, her throat so dry she could not even swallow. Her whole body now, started to vibrate. She stumbled the last few steps to the door. Clawing at it, willing it to open. From the other side, the pulsing of his blood was all she clung to.


The grinding of stone upon stone never sounded so pleasing. Light blinded her and she jolted back away from it. It was only after a moment she realized the light was not fire, but some kind of brilliance without flame or heat, beaming forth from a tiny lantern. The light illuminated the face and now the memory in her dried husk of a mind found her.

“Charles…” she breathed, but he saw her lips mouth the word over her fangs.

“Yes, you remember!” He smiled, flashing his own fangs. “After I heard you’d been punished and made into a Revenant, I vowed to free you.”

She leaned into him, wrapped her stick arms around the hard muscles of his deltoids, slid her claw fingertips up his strong back.

“You came for me,” she whispered.

“Aye,” said he. “And at great risk, too. You see, I couldn’t come here without being found out, which means the Elders will have my balls unless…”

She drew back to look him in the eye. Such beautiful silver eyes he had!

“Unless you grant me your Gift in return for freeing you,” he stated.


His words fell on deaf ears as her eyes greedily took him in. He was so beautiful while she stood there, nothing more than bones, some skin clinging to them. Her hand shot out and gripped his throat, feeling the blood rush through his veins. His alluring silver eyes widened as she squeezed, harder and harder, her nails starting to bite into the healthy skin of his neck.

“Charles,” Finally, the name rushed out of her, sounding garbled but still recognizable.

“Alvina?” He gasped out, his fingers finding her’s as the blood started to flow.


As she drank from him, his cock hardened against her. Now there also was pleasure long denied her. She freed it and stroked him even as she drank his immortal life down. He moans grew quiet while hers gained strength. Blood burbled around her lips and ran down her breasts like red lightning flashing against a pale sky. As Charles’ life passed into her, she became flesh and he…

Well, he wouldn’t be getting what he expected out of this. Alivia didn’t deal in fair exchanges. Power was not exchanged. Power was taken. Becoming flesh enough and wet enough she threw him down on his back and rode him, satisfying her other need. By the time she came, Charles had long realized his betrayal and that he was powerless against one so old as her.

Finished, satisfied, and now beautiful, Alivia rose, wiping the blood from her mouth.

She had a council of Elders to punish, after all. No time to delay.


Delaney Foster & Lucas Black


It took some doing, but she wanted to offer him something special for his birthday.  She’d known he had these desires for his whole life, and had discovered, on reading and researching, that her desires dovetailed nicely with his.  The porn he watched resonated deep within her, as did his Kindle library.  But she’d been afraid.  But now, she was ready.  Her best friend, from whom she had no secrets, helped bind her with the cuffs, right in the middle of the living room, where he’d be certain to see her.  She heard his key in the front door, took a deep breath, and trembled …


She’d waited all day for the moment he would get home. After her shower, she painted her fingernails and toenails and made sure her hair and makeup were done just the way he likes. Without hesitation I asked my best friend to help prepare me. He first noticed the perfect seam running up my nylons, guiding his eyes from my shiny red pedicure to the garters attached to my sexy, black panties. This is it. My resistance was a battle I was never meant to win. Pleasing him is no longer a fear. It’s a burning hunger that yearns to be fed. “What do I expect from you?” he asked, his voice rolling over my body like smooth velvet. “Obedience, sir.”


I was astonished when I saw her, presented so submissively and beautifully, right there in my living room.  I’d more or less expected that she’d take me to a nice dinner somewhere, her treat.  But apparently she had a far better gift in mind, the gift of herself.  I saw an array of toys on the coffee table, toys I didn’t recognize, and knew she’d planned a while and had spent a small fortune on this night. Glad this was a Friday, and we could (hopefully) explore this all weekend, I smiled.  I asked her what my expectation was, and she answered “obedience” without hesitation.

“Who owns you?” I asked.

“You do, Sir,” she answered.  “Body and soul.  I’m yours, Sir.”

I took the leash and helped her to her feet, then kissed her, a lingering exchange of desires and passions, already growing erect, but knowing patience was indicated.  The kiss broke and I picked up a flogger, a deer hide one that would heat her, but not hurt her, knowing I had all the time in the world to let my sadist out to play.

I saw her eyes widen and heard her breathing quicken, then stepped behind her and raised the flogger …


I steel myself in anticipation. I knew what to expect. I have done my research. I know his demands will be made to be met without question, yet he continues to look at me in complete reverence. The soft skin of the flogger doesn’t come down on my backside as I had expected. Instead, it makes a trail from my ankle to my knee, ever so gently, before making its path back down again. An exhilarated shiver runs down my spine as the path extends its way all the way up the back of my thighs this time. His movements are slow. Exaggerated. Erotic. He touches me with the patience of a man who has clearly mastered his craft. A light tap against my thigh heightens my arousal. I hear him breath a chuckle as my silent shudder feeds his inner demons. The sudden lashing of the deerskin against my ass causes me to cry out. I feel my cheeks redden as the blood surges through my body. Again and again, the flogger comes crashing down against my bottom. The pain is intense as blow after blow comes in a continuous stream. Over and over, with each smack, I begin to relax into the pattern of his strokes…enjoying it even.


I chuckled, teasing her at first before laying the lash to her with vigor.  Deer hide is light and soft, enough to hurt some, but more to heat her up.  Her pale skin marked and reddened beautifully at my attentions, and my arousal grew sky high as my soul acknowledged not a desire for her.  No, this was a NEED for her, as important as my need for the air I breathed, as I continued the flogging, turning her ass such a delightful darkening pink before I stopped, setting the flogger aside, teasing her heated ass with my hand, feeling it, hearing her breathing quickening, the aromas of her own arousal drifting on the air to meet my nostrils.

“I’m far from done with you, my love,” I whispered-growled in her ear, seeing goose bumps rising on her arm.  “Far from done.”

“Yes … I know, Sir,” she moaned.  “God, I want you.”

“And you have me, my love,” I assured her, and gave her ass a sharp spank with my hand …


All of my senses burst to life. My eyes memorize every detail of his adoring expression. His raw, masculine scent is as intoxicating as the classical music that echoes off the living room walls. My body is on fire from the inside out and I am not above begging. I let out an audible sigh the moment his palm touches my sensitive flesh. As soon as his hand leaves my body I wait in anticipation for the next blow. He gently rubs the spot he just punished. Then repeats the gesture on my right cheek. He continues this pattern until I don’t think I can take any more. Then he steps away, leaving me feeling bereft and neglected. A moment later he’s back with the silk blindfold I had lying on the coffee table. “Arms up,” he orders, and I immediately obey. He wraps the smooth silk around my eyes, depriving me of one of my senses. Silence. Anticipation. Lust. It dances through the air like an electrical current. I flinch at the sharp bite of a metal clamp on my right nipple. Followed by a matching clamp on the other sensitive nub.


She hissed a bit as I put the clamps on her nipples, and I only smiled wider, knowing as I robbed her of her sight, all her other senses would heighten.  But I also knew my cock was so hard it was nearly painful.  I took the leash of her handcuffs and led her to my bedroom, then deposited her onto the bed.  I kissed her deeply, and then kissed a trail down her body, down the valley of her breasts, down her belly, taking time to nibble a bit at her navel, and then breathing teasingly on her pussy, seeing how wet she already was.

“It’s time you got rewarded,” I said.  I saw her trying to form a reply, but it was silenced by a gasp as I captured her clitoris in my mouth, lashing at it with my tongue.  Long experience told me she was close to cumming as it was, and might just turn herself inside-out when this one hit her …


Wave after wave of my orgasm grips at my core. My body shudders as vibrations of pleasure overtake me. When he gently removes the silk from my eyes, I catch him staring at me in wonder. Words like ownership, power, or control have never made more sense than in this moment. He is using me for his pleasure and in return has given me the greatest pleasure I’ve ever known. His thick fingers spread me open as he teases his skilled tongue over my still sensitive clit. Then, in an almost reverent manner, licks me clean. “You have pleased me, my love,” he says as his body crawls up my own, his impressive cock brushing my mound. I hear my breath, rapid and staggered as I wait for him to enter me. To claim me. To own me.


I thrust into her, plundering her. She’s never been wetter or slicker, and I feel her muscles grasping at my cock, and I know she wants all of me.  I kiss her deeply, feeling my own climax building, growing closer.

My cum hits me, and hard, as ribbons of my seed explode from me and deeply into her.  My body sweats and shudders as I growl a sound I’d never made before, a sound like a sated lion, feral, atavistic.  She squeezes and milks my cock of all as I kiss her again, knowing I own her now, but knowing she owns a big piece of me too.

And then we smoke a cigarette and go home.

(the end)

Ellie Masters & Mitch Workman


“Anything else you need, Miss?”

Tara looked him up and down. “Yes, actually.” Fuck. What was she going to say to him? Make something up? But what? Looking at him, it was hard for her to think. Especially when he moved and his shirt slid across his well-defined torso.


She’d had a long day, and the leaking pipe had not been in her plans. Thankfully, Jared had been home. Son of Ray Diamond, the building’s super, they’d traded easy smiles on the elevator, but had never actually spoken before. A leaky pipe after midnight? This had not been in her plans. And what must he think, coming to her apartment with her dressed in her sluttiest black dress.
Her night out had been a bust. Her girlfriends had all gone home with guys from the bar, but she’d struck out. Now, all she wanted was to slip into sweats and put this night behind her.


“You know, I was just about to make some coffee,” Tara said. “Would you like some?”

“Bit late for coffee, don’t you think?” He eyed her skeptically.

“Not at all,” she smiled.

“Then, yes,” Jared replied. He dusted his hands off and started to put away tools before she turned the corner and disappeared from sight.


Oh holy hell! What the hell had she said? Coffee? Who asks the repair guy to stay for coffee at this time of night? She should have offered him a beer.

Don’t sound desperate!

“Would you like a beer instead?”

She popped her head back around the corner of the kitchen. He had his dirty t-shirt pulled halfway over his head. The perfection of his muscles, holy six-pack, had her gasping and stuttering.
He tugged the shirt over his head. “Beer sounds better than coffee.” He tossed the shirt over the back of her couch. “Unless, you had something else in mind?” The corner of his mouth lifted and he gave her a wink.


She swallowed. Loudly. Well, that was about all the pretense gone. She returned to the living room, the water spot still visible around the edges of the newly spackled wall.

“I, uh…” could she really say it? Admit to herself that what she really needed right now was a man and a lot less sleep than was healthy? “Yes, actually.”

“Spit it out, then, honey.” That smirk. Ooh, he looked arrogant with that smirk. But, she thought, he looked positively delicious.

“Uhhh, sorry, I just-“

Almost like magic, he’d crossed the room and was standing inches from her, her nose level with the hollow at the base of his throat.

“Come on, then. Say it, Tara.”


It was impossible to focus on his words. He’d said something, demanded she admit her need to him, but she couldn’t think. Not with his bare chest inches from her eager hands. Oh, she wanted to lick and feel him. Washboard abs rippled with masculine potency, and those two lines angling beneath the belt of his jeans? Tara nibbled at her lower lip and grabbed the pink rose from the vase on the kitchen counter.

She couldn’t bear to look at him. His question remained unanswered. She could barely breathe. Her slutty black dress had drawn his attention. Shit, there was no reason to pretend. A light tap of the petals at his collar bone elicited a sharp inhale.

“Tara.” His low whisper sent a thrill through her body.

She dragged the rose down his chest, brushing it against his nipples, and tracing them down those, perfect abs. She reached out and traced the top button of his fly.

“You want to skip the beer?”


The tension was electric. Tara watched goosebumps rise in the wake of her rose’s passing. As if she were magnetically drawn to him, she found her lips on his chest before she even realized she’d done it.

His skin was hot, practically feverish. Her lips began to move, planting kisses across his chest toward his shoulder. His strong hands gripped her waist, igniting a fire inside of her. There was no stopping now.


He tasted divine, a mixture of salt and sin meant to drive her wild. She followed the path of the rose, tasting his collar bone, licking his nipples, tracing a path down to the rise of his jeans.

He had yet to touch her, but that would come. She crouched before him, glancing up into his smoldering gaze. Barely moving, his breath caught in his throat. That was something she understood, because she felt the same fevered heat.

The pink rose fell from her fingers, and she attacked that button, lowering the zipper with a loud rasp. There was no need to seek his permission. The hardened length of him gave his assent. That and the gasp he gave when she freed his cock.


She gripped him tightly. Her tongue teased along the length of him, eliciting a shudder from his body. She grinned wickedly. Her night was so much better already. Tara wrapped her lips around him and began to take him further into her mouth, her hand beginning to move at the base of his cock.

His fingers twisted in her hair, a prickling sensation racing across her scalp and down her spine. Her nipples tightened painfully in her dress. Fuck, the power in his hands was intoxicating. She wanted more.


And she would get more. With each long pull and suck she drove him wild. His fingers gripped and tugged, taking control. She traced her tongue along the ropey veins of his cock, humming quietly as she did.

“Holy Fuck,” he said as he pulled her off his cock. “No way are we ending this soon.”

He dragged her to her feet and kissed her with a driving passion. Tara found herself tossed over his shoulder and marched to her bed.

~~fade to black~~